Airline Cards Represent 38% of Co-Branded Credit Card Purchases

Airline Cards Represent 38% of Co-Branded Credit Card Purchases

September 25, 2019         Written By John H. Oldshue

According to new research from Packaged Facts, airline cards make up over 38% of co-branded credit card purchases. Airline co-branded cards represented $379 billion of the $990 billion purchase volume of co-branded cards in 2018, an increase of  7.9% over 2016.

The seventh edition of the Co-Branded and Affinity Cards in the U.S highlights the prevalence of co-branded credit cards in America. Co-branded cards involve a partnership between a card issuer and a brand, such as a retailer or airline.

Airlines represented four of the top ten co-branded credit card programs by purchase volume. That includes cards from American Airlines, Delta, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines. American Airlines had particularly strong data; $3.1 billion worth of miles were earned and $3.4 billion in miles were redeemed in 2018.

If you are searching for an airline credit card, keep in mind which airline you are most likely to utilize in your travel. Most airlines offer enhanced rewards for booking flights directly through their website. Also consider which cards offer miles transfer programs, in the event you want to travel with another airline.

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