Airbnb May Offer $1,000 Prepaid "Experience Card" for Travelers

Airbnb May Offer $1,000 Prepaid "Experience Card" for Travelers

November 17, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Just a week after Airbnb announced its new partnership with American Express, the online travel booking site says it is working on a new prepaid “Experience Card” to help international travelers coming to the United States. The card will allow users to spend up to $1,000 in America during their visit, and it would double as a loyalty card for Airbnb.

The card will also allow users to earn a 10% credit for all purchases made on the card, valid toward another purchase on Airbnb. For frequent travelers, this could add up to big savings on future excursions.

While the card is labeled as a “prepaid card,” Airbnb is technically the source of the prepayment. The company will keep record of the transactions placed on the card, and then charge the default payment method on the Airbnb account 72 hours after the statement summary has been sent. The card has no fees, including foreign transaction fees, so users can simply pay back whatever they spend while they are in America.

Experience Card holders will also get a map of recommended sites and hot spots. This is designed to help users plan the best trip possible during their stay in the country.

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