Airbnb Teams Up with AmEx Rewards  to Make Booking Easier

Airbnb Teams Up with AmEx Rewards to Make Booking Easier

November 10, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

American Express and Airbnb, the home rental service, are joining forces to make it easy to book a rental with AmEx rewards. Now customers who want to rent a home through Airbnb can login with their American Express user IDs and passwords, and instantly apply their loyalty points to their booking.

For most travel purchases, a customer must contact American Express on the phone to get their loyalty points applied to their reservation, creating a bit of a hassle that deters some people from using their rewards. Airbnb is streamlining the process so customers don’t even have to leave the website to use their points.

This ease of access helps both Airbnb and American Express. Airbnb gets to tap into the large pool of AmEx travelers, and those customers are encouraged to use their cards more because they have an easy way to apply their rewards points.

Currently, the Airbnb integration is only available to AmEx cardholders in the United States. The points can be applied to foreign travel, but American Express cardholders in other countries cannot make quick reservations through Airbnb just yet.

“The partnership with companies like AmEx shows Airbnb is growing, and it’s at the frontier of travel,” said Lex Bayer, head of global payments at Airbnb.

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