Airbitz Launches One-Touch 2-Factor Authentication for Bitcoin Wallet

Airbitz Launches One-Touch 2-Factor Authentication for Bitcoin Wallet

March 30, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Bitcoin users may now have an easier way to control their mobile wallets thanks to the one-touch, two-factor authentication (2FA) from AirBitz. The Bitcoin wallet provider has simplified the process of account authorization without sacrificing the security features of two-factor authentication.

“We believe even the slightly technical people will understand the benefits of 2FA. As a Bitcoin evangelist, I wanted to recommend 2FA to people, but knew they would be turned off by it,” AirBitz CEO Paul Puey told The Coin Telegraph. “With this level of simplicity, I have no hesitation anymore.”

Under the old system, a user would connect their device with a separate app to authenticate their account, then enter a six-digit code from the authenticator to log in as well as providing a username and password. With one-touch 2FA, AirBitz ties a user’s authentication account with their current device so no other device can be authenticated. Then, a one-time token is sent in the background every time someone logs into his account without any extra steps on the user’s side.

Users wanting to access their Bitcoin wallets on more than one device can scan special QR codes from their original device to open that option. If a person loses his original device, he can request a 2FA reset on the new one. The reset takes seven days, with push notifications sent to the original device to ensure there are no fraudulent resets.

The AirBitz wallet previously required a 10-digit password and six account recovery questions, but those have been eliminated under the new system. To recover a password, users must answer questions about their account. The goal is to ensure security without inconveniencing the user, ultimately providing a better experience.

The one-touch 2FA update is now available for iOS and Android devices.

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