Partnership Offers Add-On-Free Mobile Payment Acceptance

Partnership Offers Add-On-Free Mobile Payment Acceptance

January 20, 2016         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Mobeewave and Global Payments Inc. announced today that Global Payments’ Canadian customers will soon be able to use Mobeewave’s mobile payment program.

Mobeewave allows users to complete transactions with another individual without plugging a card reader into their phone. Purchases can be made directly to an NFC-enabled mobile device with any contactless credit card or mobile wallet, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay. Point-to-point encryption secures the transaction within the mobile device.

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Montreal-based Mobeewave designed this payment solution due to the move toward a cashless society. They cite a Bank of Canada survey that showed that electronic payments represent up to 80% of all transactions in developed countries. In addition, developing countries are adopting mobile payment technology to join the world economy.

“We are delighted to have such a forward-looking partner as Global Payments,” said Benjamin du Haÿs, Mobeewave’s CEO and co-founder. “While mobile payments have previously been the focus of industry interest, mobile payment acceptance is the necessary next step leading the industry to a complete mobile payment offering.”

“Advances in mobile technology are enabling our merchants and partners to benefit from entirely new payment experiences that change the way consumers and merchants interact,” said Frank T. Young, SVP, Global Product and Innovation at Global Payments. “We are thrilled to partner with Mobeewave to deliver this innovative new mobile acceptance solution to our Canadian clients.”

Global Payments and Mobeewave plan to officially unveil the payment solution in spring 2016.

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