Businesses Investing Much More in Mobile App Development

Businesses Investing Much More in Mobile App Development

November 20, 2015         Written By John H. Oldshue

Nine out of ten large private companies plan to increase their investment in mobile application development in the next year, according to a survey from Red Hat.

These companies will increase their expenditures on mobile apps by an average of 24%.

The 2015 Mobile Maturity Survey by Red Hat, an open source software solutions company, surveyed 200 private sector organizations with at least 2,500 employees in the United States and Western Europe.

Respondents also indicated their organizations plan to develop, on average, 21 custom apps over the next two years, which is a 40% increase over the number of custom apps developed in the last two years.

These organizations recognize the importance of a strong mobile strategy. 35% of respondents said mobile apps are changing the way they conduct business, and 37% say apps are automating their existing business practices. 24% are also mobilizing their existing web applications.

Organizations are also collaborating more on applications. 37% of the respondents have instituted a Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) collaborative plan. Of those who have a fully reviewed mobile app strategy, 55% have a MCoE in place. These collaborations will allow businesses to work together to increase productivity and consumer engagement.

“Organizations are realizing the importance of mobile strategies. We’re seeing a shift towards more mature practices such as collaboration across business and IT teams,” Cathal McGloin, vice president of Red Hat’s Mobile Platforms division, said in a statement. “Based on the mobility maturity survey, we anticipate mobile application development will increase over the next two years as there’s still room for mobile approaches to mature in the enterprise.”

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