40,000 Cox Employees’ Data For Sale on Dark Web

40,000 Cox Employees’ Data For Sale on Dark Web

March 9, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

40,000 Cox Communications employee names, email addresses and phone numbers are being advertised on the Dark Web.

The listing on The Real Deal Market, a recently relaunched dark web site, reads, ““Selling 40k personal details of cox employs [sic].

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Motherboard obtained a small sample of the data and verified the information of 100 employees. The publication then shared its report with Cox.

“Cox Communications is aware of this matter and the business-related information to which it relates,” Todd Smith, a Cox Communications spokesperson, said in an email. “We’re taking this very seriously and have engaged a third-party forensic team to conduct a comprehensive investigation and are actively working with law enforcement. Cox’s commitment to privacy and data security is a top priority for the company.”

Cox did not directly confirm the data obtained by Motherboard was authentic.

Much of the information for sale is already publicly available. The email addresses are posted on websites such as LinkedIn. Also, the employees’ physical addresses do not seem to be home addresses. In fact, most are Cox office locations.

The data also includes the names of employees’ managers, the date of their last login and the last time their password was reset. The logins stretch from 2007 to December 2015.

The hacker advertising the data refused to tell Motherboard how they gained access to Cox’s systems, and indicated they may also have stolen more information, including customer details.

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