3dcart to Accept Amazon Payments

September 20, 2016, Written By Natalie Rutledge
3dcart to Accept Amazon Payments

3dcart, an online shopping cart that serves as an eCommerce solution to independent stores, is now integrated with Amazon Payments, which means customers can use their Amazon accounts to pay for goods.

To pay with Amazon, customers simply need to select “Login with Amazon” when they are completing transactions. They will be prompted to log-in to their Amazon account, and their shipping and payment information will automatically be used in the 3dcart store. This will make transactions faster and smoother since customers will not need to re-enter their information. This can be especially useful if the consumer is using their mobile device.

“Every second it takes to enter a credit card number dramatically increases the chances a customer will abandon their purchase,” said 3dcart CEO Gonzalo Gil. “3dcart merchants need strong choices for combating cart abandonment. Accessing stored payment information from a trusted place online shaves off precious seconds, creating a better experience for customers and online merchants alike.”

This new payment option may also attract more customers to independent stores, as there are more than 285 million Amazon customers, and over 23 million have already used their accounts to pay on non-Amazon websites.

3dcart already accepts payments through PayPal Credit, Visa Checkout, Allied Wallet, WorldPay and others.

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