New Facial Recognition App Could Replace Passwords

January 14, 2015, Written By Natalie Rutledge
New Facial Recognition App Could Replace Passwords

A new app developed for the selfie generation may end up becoming your most secure login information.

Hoyos Labs has developed an application to address security concerns that uses biometric technology, so users can bypass usernames and passwords just by looking at the camera. The app, known as 1U, allows users to log into secure websites through their phones without touching their keyboards.

In the financial world, this could become a major advantage for people who utilize mobile banking platforms on a regular basis. They can save their mobile banking websites onto their 1U account on their computer, and then tie it to their smartphone. Rather than typing in their account information in public, they simply have to look at the camera to get it. No one else can steal their login information and hack into their account.

The 1U app is free to use, and it is compatible with most Android and Apple phones. The initial setup is a little tricky and tedious, but once that is in place, using the app is pretty straightforward. The app pairs with a program on a laptop or desktop where users determine which websites they want to log into with 1U. When they decide they want to access those sites on their mobile devices, 1U pulls up to allow them to log in.

The 1U app can be downloaded on multiple devices without any issues. When a user gets a new mobile device, you simply redownload the app and log in like usual.

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