17-Year-Old Russian Behind Target Hack

17-Year-Old Russian Behind Target Hack

January 28, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Most 17-year-olds do not have a credit card of their own, let alone access to 40 million of them. A Russian teenager under the username “ree4” has been linked to the recent hacks that took place at Target and Neiman Marcus.

The teenager lives in St. Petersburg and is well-known in the hacking community. To be fair, ree4 did not execute those large-scale frauds. He merely created the point-of-sale malware used for them. This malware may have also been used for hacks on six other large retailers in the United States.

Ree4 sold the malware, known as BlackPOS, to more than 60 cybercriminals in Europe.

IntelCrawler’s CEO Andrew Komarov predicts that more examples of hacks with BlackPOS will soon come to light. As it stands, there are already issues with the Neiman Marcus case, with some reports indicating that the hack actually occurred in July, even though it was not disclosed until a few weeks ago.

Despite all the trouble this malware program has created, it appears that nothing can be done against the 17-year-old who invented it.

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