American Express Invests in International Mobile Credit Card Processor

Credit card giant American Express recently bought in a minority stake in India-based Ezetap, a mobile credit card processor that accepts both magnetic and chip-and-PIN cards with a simple dongle. Ezetap is similar to American-based Square since both devices process credit … Continue reading

How to Choose a Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets are changing the way people make purchases. Rather than carrying around a wallet full of cards and money, all someone needs is a cell phone to pay for the things he wants. With the number of mobile wallet … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–November 8, 2013

MasterCard 3rd-Quarter Net Rises 14% on Increased Purchases MasterCard said third-quarter earnings rose 14% as spending on its credit and debit cards continued to grow. MasterCard, like its larger rival Visa, operates a payments network that processes transactions made on … Continue reading

Groupon Expands into Credit Card Processing Industry with BreadCrumb

Groupon has struggled somewhat in the last few years, but the company has introduced a new mobile payment processing device that could make an impact on the industry. The product is called BreadCrumb and payments can be processed on smartphones, … Continue reading

Who Killed the Cash Register?

PayPal announced its new Cash for Registers program last month, which encourages merchants to switch from cash registers to PayPal-powered POS systems. With their latest commercial, the company is now asking "Who killed the cash registers?" in a funny Law … Continue reading

Groupon and American Express Invest Millions in European Rival to Square

Groupon and American Express have teamed up to invest millions of Euros into the startup payment processing group, SumUp. SumUp will offer a credit card processing device similar to Square that hooks up to smartphones. Backed by over $20 million … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–February 22, 2013

FTC: Cramming Fraud Targets Consumers’ Credit Cards The FTC has added a new alert about a fraud called cramming where small charges of $10, $20, or $30 are secretly inserted onto your credit card bill. These small charges add up … Continue reading

Top Credit Card Stories of the Year

2012 was a relatively quiet year for the credit card industry. However, there were a number of developments that may have a far-reaching impact in the years to come. Here are the top ten credit card stories of 2012: Swipe … Continue reading

Groupon Introduces Credit Card Payment Service

Today, Groupon launched a payment service that enables merchants to accept credit card payments using a card reader attached to an iPhone or iPodTouch. By entering this market, Groupon Payments will take on the two leaders, PayPal and Square. Groupon … Continue reading

LowCards Weekly Credit Card Update August 10

U.S. Consumers Cut Back on Credit Card Use in June Americans cut back on credit card use in June, a sign that high unemployment and slow growth have made some more cautious about spending. Still, total consumer borrowing increased as … Continue reading