PayPal Buys Israeli Cybersecurity Firm CyActive

Yesterday, PayPal confirmed its purchase of a cybersecurity firm to assist in its fraud prevention efforts. The firm, CyActive, is based in Israel, and has been in operation since 2003. Reports indicate PayPal paid $60 million for the company. CyActive has developed … Continue reading

New PayPal Here Card Reader Supports NFC Payments

PayPal will soon launch a new version of its PayPal Here credit card reader which is expected to accept NFC payments as well as chip-and-PIN credit cards. Merchants and small business owners using PayPal Here will be able to accept … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–March 6, 2015

Retailers Face $8.65 Billion Bill for New Generation of Credit Cards New technology about to be deployed by credit card companies will require U.S. consumers to carry a new kind of card and retailers across the nation to upgrade payment … Continue reading

PayPal Shuts Down Several Copycat Phishing Sites

Cyber criminals often create lookalike sites for popular payment processors and financial institutions in an effort to steal a person's login information and then hack into that account. PayPal has recently worked to take several of these phishing websites offline … Continue reading

PayPal to Expand Services to South Korea

As part of PayPal's global expansion efforts, the company will be launching a Korean language version of their website starting tomorrow, February 12. This will allow users in South Korea to transfer money and make payments online. Korean residents can … Continue reading

Braintree Now Lets Merchants Accept Bitcoins for Payment

Braintree, a mobile-friendly payment processor now owned by PayPal, has launched a private beta test that lets any U.S. merchant accept payments from Bitcoin. The company announced plans of this transition last September, and now these plans are coming to … Continue reading

PayPal App Now Compatible with All Major Mobile Platforms

The popular PayPal app has been on the market for several years, but it was mainly available on Android and iOS. The company recently announced on its blog that the app is now compatible with all major mobile platforms, including … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–January 9, 2015

Why New Credit Cards May Fall Short on Fraud Control Big U.S. banks are steering clear of an advanced security measure used in credit cards around the world, opting for a system that is more convenient for shoppers but may … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–November 21, 2014

Shoppers Just Don't Care About Credit Card Hacks If Target and The Home Depot are still reeling from the collective breach of 96 million customers' credit and debit cards, it didn't show in either company's earnings reports this week. Target … Continue reading

ChargePoint Electric Car Charge Stations Now Accept PayPal

Electric car drivers have something new to celebrate as ChargePoint announced it will now accept PayPal at its charging stations. PayPal and ChargePoint have had a longstanding relationship, with 34 ChargePoint stations currently installed at the PayPal work campus in San … Continue reading

PayPal’s Independence Leaves a Questionable Future for eBay

For the longest time, eBay and PayPal have acted as a unit, with each one helping the other succeed and grow. However, eBay has now decided to allow PayPal to be its own, independent company, which has created a questionable … Continue reading

Credit Card Processors Help Cyberlockers Distribute Stolen Content

A new report indicates credit card processors, such as Visa and MasterCard, authorize payments on cyberlocker websites that distribute stolen content on the web. The NetNames report done for Digital Citizens Alliance looked at 30 of the biggest cyberlocker sites on … Continue reading

PayPal Will Accept Bitcoin Through Its Subsidiary

In an effort to adapt to the changing world of cryptocurrency, PayPal recently announced it will be accepting Bitcoin payments through its subsidiary company, Braintree. Merchants who already use Braintree to process their payments will also be able to accept … Continue reading

Square’s New Cash App May Cut Into PayPal’s Market Share

Square's new app known as Cash allows a user to send cash to anyone with a mobile phone number or email address. The app's other options could make Square a force in the mobile payment world, and pose a threat … Continue reading

PayPal Launches One-Touch Mobile Checkout for Apps

PayPal is aiming to make mobile app payments a little easier with the launch of its new product, One Touch. This platform helps merchants and app developers give their customers a convenient way to pay for products and services. One Touch … Continue reading

Thieves Using PayPal Prepaid Cards to Steal Products

A new form of debit card theft is emerging in the Washington, D.C. area, where thieves are using PayPal prepaid debit cards to steal items from stores. The thieves are targeting stores that accept offline transactions when a card has … Continue reading

Big Gap between Awareness and Usage for Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets have made a big splash in recent years, but a new study shows there may be more discussion going on than actual usage. Research from Thrive Analytics shows far more people in America know about digital wallets than … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–July 25, 2014

Will Debit Card Rewards Become a Perk of the Past? Banks are still struggling to regain their footing from the financial collapse and resulting Great Recession. As profits shrink and expenses expand, the biggest banks in America are shedding thousands … Continue reading

PayPal Is Keeping eBay Afloat

PayPal, the online payment processor owned by eBay, may be the big thing keeping the parent company afloat. eBay has seen a steady decline in its revenue, especially after a data breach discovered in May of this year. According to their … Continue reading

Visa Checkout Aims to be Faster Than a Mobile Wallet

Visa's new mobile application, known as Visa Checkout, hopes to speed up the checkout process for mobile phone users. Visa Checkout looks similar to, which was launched in 2011. However, this program functions in an entirely new way, acting … Continue reading

Flaw Found in PayPal’s Authentication Process

PayPal is one of the most trusted online payment processors, but a flaw was recently discovered in its two-factor authentication process. PayPal asserts that no account information was revealed during the breach, and they are now aware of vulnerability in … Continue reading

Bitcoin Projected to Overtake PayPal in U.S. Transaction Volume

What once was considered a fad in the financial world is now turning into a primary form of online money exchange. Bitcoin, the most recognized digital currency, has already grown to nearly $300 million in transactions a day. Bitcoin has … Continue reading

PayPal Becomes Payment Option for Google Play Store

Smartphone consumers who do not wish to pay for Android apps with their credit cards can now use PayPal instead. PayPal is considered one of the most trusted ways to pay for items online, and now it has teamed up with … Continue reading

PayPal Tests Smartwatch Payment Option at Starbucks

PayPal is testing a new wireless smartwatch system at Starbucks that identifies you to the barista when you enter the store and allows you to pay for purchases. The new pilot program is currently being tested at a Starbucks located … Continue reading

The Mobile Wallet Battle Heats Up

Domino's Pizza is now accepting payment via Google Wallet. You can pay for your pizza with your Android app. That might not sound like big news but it signals a significant move in the battle for how you make your … Continue reading

PayStand Launches Payment Service for Bitcoins and eChecks

PayPal and Google Wallet have a new competitor. PayStand is an online payment service provider that is designed to process Bitcoins, eChecks and credit cards for websites in the United States. PayStand was originally developed to improve upon the payment … Continue reading

PayPal Here Redesigned to Accept Chip-and-PIN Credit Cards in Australia

PayPal Here is a mobile app and bluetooth device which allows small businesses in Australia to accept credit cards on their smartphones. The new model is designed to work with chip and PIN cards. Users will not have to plug … Continue reading

American Express Invests in International Mobile Credit Card Processor

Credit card giant American Express recently bought in a minority stake in India-based Ezetap, a mobile credit card processor that accepts both magnetic and chip-and-PIN cards with a simple dongle. Ezetap is similar to American-based Square since both devices process credit … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–February 21, 2014

A Line of Defense Against the Theft of Personal Data Credit-monitoring is often backward-looking, informing you of new accounts that thieves may have already opened in your name. But a freeze prohibits the bureaus from releasing your credit reports to … Continue reading

PayPal President Victim of Credit Card Skimming

PayPal President David Marcus recently tweeted that his credit card information was stolen during a trip to the U.K. The card was supposedly "skimmed" at the hotel where he was staying, and then used to make an array of purchases … Continue reading

Identity Fraud Continues to Skyrocket

Identity theft is happening all the time--literally. A new report by Javelin Strategy & Research shows that there was a new identity fraud victim nearly every two seconds in 2013. Last year, there were an estimated 13.1 million victims of identity … Continue reading

PayPal Continues to Go Mobile with StackMob

In an effort to claim an even bigger stake in the mobile payment market, PayPal has purchased the app-development company StackMob. The exact terms of the deal have not been disclosed at this time, but PayPal has confirmed that 18 … Continue reading

PayPal Expands Small Business Lending Program

PayPal launched its Working Capital program in late 2013 as a way to give select PayPal users access to simple business loans. During its three-month test, approximately 90,000 users were given the chance to take out a loan of up … Continue reading

PayPal Now Accepts Prepaid Gift Cards for Online Shopping

With its wide range of uses, PayPal is considered one of the most versatile payment platforms for online shopping. But one thing that always bothered some users about this payment processor was that it did not accept prepaid gift cards. … Continue reading

PayPal Competitor BlueSnap Expands Its Reach

BlueSnap is an online payment processor that is seeking to offer a smarter, faster and more secure alternative to PayPal. The company recently expanded from a small office in California to a large building in Waltham, Massachusetts, and plans to grow … Continue reading

PayPal, AmEx and MasterCard Now Offer Free Shipping

PayPal and American Express announced plans earlier this year to allow customers to receive free two-day shipping at select online retailers. MasterCard has now decided to do the same. These shipping programs are in response to overwhelming success of Amazon … Continue reading

Smartphone App Lets Diners Pay without the Check

Ever get tired of waiting in a restaurant for the check to arrive? Wouldn't it be great if you could dine and dash, yet still pay your restaurant bill? Now you can with the smartphone app called Cover. Cover is … Continue reading

Credit Card Companies Ban Online Betting

Credit card companies are beginning to block online gambling charges, just as web-based casinos are becoming legal in the United States. Delaware and Nevada currently allow internet gambling in their borders, and officials in New Jersey are discussing the subject. … Continue reading

J Crew Becomes MasterPass Partner

The clothing retailer J Crew recently announced that it will be joining the MasterPass program issued by MasterCard. This program promises a faster shopping experience by letting consumers check out with the touch of a button, whether at home, on … Continue reading

PayPal Now Offers Small Business Loans

PayPal is branching into new territory with the creation of PayPal Working Capital. With this program, select business account holders have access to a loan through PayPal, and the terms are rather attractive. A business can borrow 8% of their … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–October 4, 2013

CFPB Targets Banks' Campus Deals The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is concerned that deals between banks and colleges steer students toward checking accounts and debit cards that come with high fees or other costs. Schools and the banks say any fees and other … Continue reading

Mobile Banking Streamlines Money Sharing

Ever go to split a bill at a restaurant, only to be frustrated by someone having to write a check to you? Checks are a bit antiquated, but most people don't have credit card processors hanging around in their wallets. If that scene … Continue reading

Shopify Launches New Credit Card Payment Processor

Shopify is taking on PayPal by introducing a fully integrated credit card processor for its customers. Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows business owners to easily create stores online. Until now, Shopify customers had to create separate accounts through third-party … Continue reading

Groupon Expands into Credit Card Processing Industry with BreadCrumb

Groupon has struggled somewhat in the last few years, but the company has introduced a new mobile payment processing device that could make an impact on the industry. The product is called BreadCrumb and payments can be processed on smartphones, … Continue reading

PayPal Makes Big Strides with Mobile Wallets in Australia

MasterCard and Visa both recently announced plans to launch mobile wallets in Australia, but it seems that PayPal may have the upper hand. PayPal has signed contracts with EatNow and OrderMate to process payments at over 2,000 restaurants in Australia. The … Continue reading