Cyber Crime Underground Runs Like Regular Business

The North American cybercriminal underground is not hidden or exclusive, as it is in other countries, according to Trend Micro Incorporated's report, “North American Underground: The Glass Tank.” While cybercriminals in other parts of the world operate in secrecy, North American cybercrime … Continue reading

Target May Have Ignored Security Issues Before Hack

According to the Wall Street Journal, Target may have been forewarned about security issues a full two months before the hack on 40 million debit and credit cards took place. Warnings apparently came from both government and private research firms … Continue reading

Possible Data Breach on Morningstar Clients

Morningstar, a leading investment research provider, said a recent hack may have compromised some clients' personal information, including credit cards, usernames and passwords. The breach in question took place on April 3 but was just recently discovered. Approximately 2,300 users … Continue reading

Protecting Credit Cards and Bank Accounts from Hackers

Data breaches and credit card fraud are becoming common occurrences. Yesterday's revelation that hackers stole credit card information from 63 Barnes & Noble stores is just the latest reminder. Credit card fraud is not just isolated to the United States. … Continue reading