LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–February 5, 2016

Don't Feel Bad, Millions Hide Bank Accounts From Their Spouses Too One in twenty people in the U.S. admit to having started secret bank accounts or credit cards without their partner's knowledge. Multiply that by the number of American adults, … Continue reading

Consumers Concerned about Identity Theft during Tax Season

For some consumers, tax season is a joyous occasion where they find out just how much money they're getting back as a tax refund. But this joy is now tempered, according to a new survey from Experian. Approximately 42% of … Continue reading

Do EMV Chip Cards Protect Online And Phone Purchases?

If you haven't noticed, the latest credit card technology is already here. Credit cards with embedded smart chips were sent out in great numbers last year, and retailers are rushing to install terminals that can read them. These embedded microchips … Continue reading

Bank of America Offers New Features for Mobile App

Bank of America added new features to its mobile app in January, including the option to lock and unlock debit and credit cards directly from your phone. Customers can place a temporary lock on their accounts to prevent new card … Continue reading

Study Shows Top Credit Cards for Consumer Identity Safety

Javelin studied the nation's top 20 credit card issuers to determine the leaders in consumer identity safety. Those topping the 2016 list are: American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, PNC, SunTrust, USAA and Wells Fargo. To assess … Continue reading

Consumers Aware of Data Security Risks but Do Little for Protection

Consumers are well aware of data security risks in the modern world, but they show no signs of changing the way they use technology. A staggering 83% of consumers reported that technology has enhanced their daily lives, and 30% of … Continue reading

Hyatt Confirms Data Breach at 250 Hotels

In December, Hyatt Hotels announced they had discovered credit card stealing malware on their payment processing computers. Yesterday, the hotel chain confirmed this malware was capable of stealing credit card names, numbers, expiration dates and verification codes. The attack took place against the … Continue reading

North Carolina Parents Can Now Freeze Their Child’s Credit

Beginning January 1, parents in North Carolina will have a new way to protect their children's identity before they turn 18. A new state law from the Department of Justice will allow parents to put a security freeze on their … Continue reading

Phishing Scams Increased in 2015

According to the APWG's Phishing Activity Trends Report, the number of phishing attacks increased over the first three quarters of 2015. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are the most-targeted industry, while the payment and financial services sectors followed closely behind. ISPs are attractive … Continue reading

Users’ Personal Info Exposed via Steam’s Security Lapse

An internal error at the popular gaming platform Steam exposed personal data for many users making purchases during the holidays. The data included usernames, email addresses and credit card information. The problem was quickly resolved the same day, but at … Continue reading

Hello Barbie Accused of Privacy Violations

Following a report by The Daily Beast, class action law firm Keller Rohrback announced they are investigating Mattel's interactive doll, Hello Barbie, for possible privacy violations. Of particular concern is that Hello Barbie doll stores conversations between children and the doll … Continue reading

Data Breach at Hyatt Hotels

On December 23, Chicago-based Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced it had identified malware on its computers that process payments, which means customer credit card information may have been stolen. While the company has not yet provided details on whether any information was … Continue reading

Database Leak Exposes Info of 3.3 Million Hello Kitty Fans

The database for SanrioTown.com, the official online community for Hello Kitty, leaked the data of 3.3 million Hello Kitty fan accounts, according to online researcher Chris Vicery. Vickery contacted Salted Hash and Databreaches.net about the leak on Saturday, one day … Continue reading

Data Breach at Landry’s Restaurants

On December 17, Landry's, Inc., the parent company of restaurants such as Landry's Seafood, Claim Jumper, McCormick & Schmick's and Rainforest Cafe, announced it had received reports of unauthorized charges made to credit cards used at some of their establishments. The stolen information … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–December 18, 2015

How the Fed's Interest Rate Hike Could Hit Your Wallet The Federal Reserve increased interest rates Wednesday afternoon for the first time in nearly a decade. As expected, the Fed announced that it would increase its benchmark rate by one … Continue reading

OPM Faces More Criticism for Mishandling Data Breach

The Office of Personnel Management, the federal agency responsible for the theft of the personal information of more than 21 million Americans, is once again facing criticism--this time for failing to follow the appropriate procedures before awarding a federal contract to an … Continue reading

Data Breaches Threaten Customer Loyalty

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers said they would be unlikely to do business with a company that had experienced a breach where financial information was stolen, according to a global survey by Gemalto. 49% would no longer use a company … Continue reading

USB Device Secures Files with Fingerprint Technology

A new USB device will make it easier and safer to store passwords and documents. The OdyOne is compatible with all computers, and has a built-in fingerprint reader that allows you to login to any online account. In addition to … Continue reading

Credit Card Data from 16 Travel and Leisure Companies at Risk

On December 9, Wandera reported a security flaw that affected 16 companies from around the world, including airlines such as Air Canada, easyJet, AirAsia and Aer Lingus. The security vulnerability, which Wandera is calling "CardCrypt," had the potential to reveal … Continue reading

Data Security Act of 2015 Advances in House Committee

On Tuesday, the House Financial Services Committee voted in favor of the Data Security Act of 2015 (HR 2205) by an overwhelming 46-9 vote. The Act is designed to heighten information security programs throughout the country and ensure transparent reporting … Continue reading

Cyber Crime Underground Runs Like Regular Business

The North American cybercriminal underground is not hidden or exclusive, as it is in other countries, according to Trend Micro Incorporated's report, “North American Underground: The Glass Tank.” While cybercriminals in other parts of the world operate in secrecy, North American cybercrime … Continue reading

FinTech Launches ScramCard, a More Secure Coin Competitor

In the world of cashless payments, all-in-one credit cards are thought to be the way of the future. Products like Coin and Swyp have dominated this sector of the market recently, but a newcomer to the game may steal their … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–December 4, 2015

As Subprime Credit Cards Grow, So Do Fees There's a growing subprime threat--and it fits in your billfold. The number of subprime credit cards in circulation--those with the highest interest rates--has exploded over the last five years to where in … Continue reading

Adele Fans Report Possible Data Breach

Members of Adele's fan club were able to buy advanced tickets for her upcoming 2016 UK tour this morning. Given the popularity of her recent hit single, "Hello," it's no surprise that the website selling tickets, Songkick, saw enormous traffic. … Continue reading

VTech Data Breach Affects Nearly 5 Million Customers

Last Friday, VTech announced that an unauthorized party accessed the customer data held on its Learning Lodge app store database on November 14, 2015. According to Have I Been Pwned, a company that tracks online data breaches, this is the fourth largest consumer … Continue reading

80% of U.S. Consumers Concerned About Online Crime

Four out of every five consumers in the United States are worried they will be the victim of an online crime, according to a Symantec report released today. The Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report found 62% of consumers believe it is likely … Continue reading

Online Retail Fraud Attempts Jumped 30% in Past Year

As consumers and retailers prepare for the holidays, both groups need to be vigilant against fraud. A new study found that online retail fraud attempts have increased by 30% in the past year. In transactions where cards are not present (CNP), 1 out … Continue reading

Four Men Indicted for Massive, Multi-Million Dollar Hack

Four men have been indicted on charges that they hacked into financial institutions across the globe and used stolen information to manipulate stocks, commit credit card fraud and operate illegal online casinos. The hackers and their conspirators generated over $100 million … Continue reading

Americans Remain Concerned About Credit Card Theft

According to the latest figures from Gallup, reports of credit card theft have decreased in the past year. Only 22% of respondents said they had experienced credit card theft in 2015, compared to 27% in 2014. With the record number … Continue reading

Visa Brings Token Technology to eCommerce

Last week, Visa announced that it was bringing token technology to Visa Checkout, the online service that allows customers to store shipping and payment information without having to re-enter their information. The token service replaces the sensitive information on payment cards, … Continue reading

13 Million Passwords Taken in Web Host Data Breach

The usernames, email addresses and passwords of 13.5 million accounts were stolen from 000webhost, a Lithuanian-based web hosting company. The company admitted to the breach on its Facebook page. In the statement, the company said, "We have witnessed a database … Continue reading

Visa and FireEye Partner to Help Merchants Prevent Fraud

Visa and FireEye have partnered to create a fraud prevention service, Visa Threat Intelligence (VTI), which aims to transform security breach information into actionable advice for issuers and merchants. FireEye and Visa will create articles based on their investigation and analysis … Continue reading

More U.S. Companies Victims of State-Sponsored Cyberattacks

A disturbing report released today shows that 35% of U.S. organizations have been the victim of nation-state cyberattacks. The survey by CounterTack|MCSI, a data endpoint detection and response company, is the security industry's first in-depth examination of state-sponsored attacks against corporations … Continue reading

Zwipe Moving Ahead with Fingerprint-Scanning Credit Card

Norwegian startup Zwipe is making significant advancements with its fingerprint ID technology, thanks to new financial backing from Photon Future. The Series B funding, topping off at $5 million, will allow the company to launch its contactless, biometric credit card … Continue reading

MasterCard Launches Safety Net Program for Cybersecurity

To help protect banks and payment processors against cyber hacking, MasterCard has developed a special program called Safety Net that identifies potential threats before they turn into full-blown attacks. The program is designed to screen billions of transactions a day … Continue reading

Target Enhances Security with Chip and PIN Store Cards

Target has become the first major card issuer to convert its store cards to require a PIN for identity verification. Rather than allowing cardholders to sign for their transactions, Target is bumping up its security measures by enforcing a PIN … Continue reading

An “Average” Cyber Crime Costs a U.S. Company $15.4 Million

The cost of cyber crime is skyrocketing. A new study shows a cyber crime incident in the United States costs a company an average of $15.4 million, an increase of 19%. Cyber crimes in the United States are much costlier … Continue reading

Dow Jones the Latest Victim of Data Breach

Last Friday, Dow Jones & Co. announced that hackers had accessed the payment card and contact information for approximately 3,500 current and former subscribers. Dow Jones, owner of The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and Barron's, said the hackers sought this … Continue reading

Companies Not Doing Enough to Protect Consumer Information

Companies are not adequately protecting consumer information, according to a recent survey of privacy and risk professionals. Conducted by ISACA, a global nonprofit information systems organization, the survey found that half of the 546 respondents said consumers should not feel confident … Continue reading

Beware of the New Credit Card E-Mail Scam

Criminals are finding a way to scam consumers with the recent conversion to the more secure chip-embedded credit cards. Since only about 40% of Americans have received their new EMV cards, many are wondering when their current card will be … Continue reading

Experian Data Breach Puts 15 Million T-Mobile Customers At Risk

On October 1, Experian, one of the country's leading credit rating bureaus, announced one of their servers had been breached. This server held the personal data of consumers who had applied for T-Mobile postpaid services between September 1, 2013 and September … Continue reading

Data Breach at Scottrade Affects up to 4.6 Million Customers

Scottrade, an online discount brokerage firm, confirmed it was the victim of a data breach that took place during late 2013 and early 2014. The breached database contained customer Social Security numbers, email address and other sensitive information, but the … Continue reading

Data Breaches at Hilton and Trump Hotels

In August, Visa alerted many financial institutions of a security breach that took place between April 21 and July 27 of this year. The notifications included the credit card numbers that Visa believed might have been compromised during this time period. … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–September 17, 2015

Bank of America Reveals Details of Biometric Smartphone App Bank of America has launched a mobile banking app which uses fingerprint and Touch ID sign-in. The bank says its new fingerprint and Touch ID sign-in capabilities provide eligible Android, iPhone … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–September 4, 2015

Credit Card Fraudsters Pump Gas Stations for Profit As motorists head out on the last big driving weekend of the summer, the credit card industry and gas-station owners are deploying everything from sophisticated software to heavy-duty padlocks to combat an … Continue reading

Data Breach at Web.com Affects 93,000 Customers

Web.com--a company that provides website and Facebook design, marketing, e-commerce, Web hosting and domain registration for small businesses--discovered a data breach on Thursday, August 13. They believe the attack had actually occurred five days earlier. The data of 93,000 of … Continue reading

Visa Sets Deadline for Debit Card Issuers after Target Settlement

Less than a week after its settlement with Target, Visa has set a deadline for their debit card issuers to receive extra compensation from the Target data breach of 2013. Card issuers who wish to seek payments beyond what they will … Continue reading