Dramatic Surge in Digital Gift Cards

Americans now want to purchase and use gift cards digitally. An InComm survey shows that 89% of consumers have purchased two or more gift cards online or via their mobile device, and 96% of consumers are interested in storing digital gift … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–December 18, 2015

How the Fed's Interest Rate Hike Could Hit Your Wallet The Federal Reserve increased interest rates Wednesday afternoon for the first time in nearly a decade. As expected, the Fed announced that it would increase its benchmark rate by one … Continue reading

Best Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping

The holiday season brings out the shopaholic in all of us as we buy the gifts for loved ones and friends. To make the most of the money you spend, make sure you maximize your credit card rewards program. Here … Continue reading

How To Prevent Gift Cards From Expiring

Last year, Americans spent $124 billion on gift cards, but over $750 million went unused. If you are one of the many planning to purchase a gift card for a loved one this holiday season, you may be worried that … Continue reading

Consumers are Treating Themselves with eGift Cards

eGift card purchases are growing, but people are buying them for themselves, not to give as presents, according to a survey conducted by Blackhawk Network. Plastic gift cards remain popular. Nearly all of the respondents in the survey (86%) purchased … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–November 20, 2015

First U.S. Debit Card Ready for Use in Cuba Americans visiting Cuba can finally put away their cash and pull out their debit card. MasterCard and Fort Lauderdale-based Stonegate Bank announced Thursday that their cards are now active for use … Continue reading

Samsung Pay Gains Support of 14 New Banks

Just weeks after gaining support from Verizon, Samsung Pay is expanding to cover 14 new banks in the United States. These include Sun Trust, Chase, Key Bank, People's United Bank and Navy Federal Credit Union. In addition to the new … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–December 26, 2014

Staples Estimates Hackers Breached 1.16 Million Credit Cards Staples confirmed that suspicious cyber activity, first spotted in September, was most likely a malware attack that may have breached 1.16 million credit cards. A preliminary investigation found evidence of malware installed … Continue reading

The Demand For Coin Continues To Grow

The anticipation for Coin's revolutionary smartcard continues to be rather astounding. Coin is a smartcard and app that stores the information for up to eight credit, debit or gift cards. It combines the functionality of a mobile wallet with the … Continue reading

Prepaid Card Users More Likely to Adopt Mobile Payments

A new study shows prepaid card users are more likely to adopt mobile payments in America. The study from Packaged Facts, "Prepaid and Gift Cards in the U.S., 4th Edition," indicates a growing need for developers to enhance their mobile platforms … Continue reading

Coin to Issue 10,000 Beta Cards This Fall

The highly anticipated Coin card will be placed into the hands of 10,000 additional beta testers this fall. A version of the card has already been in test for some time, but only 1,000 people were in the program. This … Continue reading

CFPB Now Accepting Complaints on Prepaid Cards and Gift Cards

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now accepting complaints about gift cards, prepaid cards, benefit cards and general purpose reloadable cards. The bureau has also begun accepting complaints about other non-banked products, like credit repair services and title loans. Companies … Continue reading

Amazon Launches Its First Mobile Wallet

Amazon's first mobile wallet quietly debuted on the Amazon Appstore and Google Play last week. The app is designed to be used at checkout terminals for dozens of merchants. While the idea of a mobile wallet implies storing credit card … Continue reading

Google Wallet Now Supports Gift Cards

Google Wallet has introduced a helpful new option for gift card users, allowing them to load the card's balance directly to their phones. The new gift card support is part of a series of upgrades Google recently put into the … Continue reading

Back to School Offer Gives Students $100 Apple Gift Card

To prepare for the upcoming school year, Apple is offering $50 or $100 gift cards to students and teachers who make purchases at their stores. The gift cards can be used for future purchases at Apple stores, which guarantees business for the … Continue reading

$200 Billion Spent on Prepaid Cards in 2014

Prepaid cards saw a big spike after the economy took a downturn a few years ago, and now we are starting to see the effects of that spike. By the end of 2014, the total money spent on prepaid cards … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–February 28, 2014

Financial, Retail Industries Keep Cybersecurity Mistakes and Punishments Secret Even as cyberthreats grow in frequency and sophistication, the system for ensuring payment card security in the United States remains a closely guarded arrangement among the credit card networks who set … Continue reading

Target Woes Mount: Thousands of Gift Cards Not Activated

The massive data breach at Target that affected up to 40 million debit and credit card customers is not the only problem the retailer is facing. It is now being reported that up to 40,000 Target gift cards sold throughout … Continue reading

PayPal Now Accepts Prepaid Gift Cards for Online Shopping

With its wide range of uses, PayPal is considered one of the most versatile payment platforms for online shopping. But one thing that always bothered some users about this payment processor was that it did not accept prepaid gift cards. … Continue reading

Using Gift Cards Wisely

Gift card spending is predicted to reach an all-time high during the holidays. Eight out of ten shoppers will purchase gift cards this season and consumers will spend an average of $163.16 on gift cards, up 4% from the $156.86 … Continue reading

Understanding “Tip Tolerance” on Holiday Gift Cards

Have you ever had a gift card declined at a restaurant, even though you know it had enough money to cover the bill? This could be due to something called "tip tolerance," where part of the gift card balance is held … Continue reading

Coin Could Replace Every Card in Your Wallet

Ever feel like your wallet is bogged down with too many cards? Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to consolidate all of your credit, debit and gift cards into a single card? With Coin, that may not … Continue reading

New Online Gift Card Registry Introduced

Wedding, baby shower, graduation and anniversary registries can be difficult to manage, both for the people involved and for the loved ones who want to give a gift. The couple has to go through the tedious task of picking out … Continue reading

Avoid Leaving Unspent Money on a Gift Card

Chances are, you are among the millions of Americans who received gift cards during the Christmas holiday season. CEB TowerGroup, a research firm, estimates that gift card sales will top $100 billion in 2013 and will reach $130 billion by … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update January 4

Consumer Watchdog Readies to Bare Its Teeth The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is entering 2013 poised to flex its muscles as it finishes up a list of studies and rules required by the law. They will have wide latitude to … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update December 28

Websites Vary Prices, Deals Based on User Information A Wall Street Journal investigation found that the Staples website displays different prices to people after estimating their locations and appeared to consider the person's distance from a rival brick-and-mortar store, such … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update December 7

Credit Card Penalty Payments are Arriving More than $425 million in refunds and restitution will soon be sent to millions of consumers nationwide, penalties paid for deceptive credit card practices. And another $410 million--from Bank of America--is already landing in … Continue reading

Tips for Buying and Using Gift Cards

Buying gift cards this holiday season is even easier with the growing availability of virtual gift cards. Ordering is done online, and an email is sent to the recipient with the details needed to claim the gift. Gift cards continue … Continue reading

Survey Predicts More Spending This Christmas

The Discover Annual Holiday Shopping Survey shows holiday spending will increase by about $100 or 12 percent this year to an average of $838. Nearly one-quarter (23 percent) of respondents say they plan to spend more this season. Almost half (46 … Continue reading