Data Vulnerabilities Found on the Back End of Mobile Apps

A new report shows improper coding practices for mobile applications could pose a huge security threat for sensitive personal information, including full names, passwords, financial transactions and health records. This data should be protected by back-end protocol that is not currently … Continue reading

Data Breaches Threaten Customer Loyalty

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers said they would be unlikely to do business with a company that had experienced a breach where financial information was stolen, according to a global survey by Gemalto. 49% would no longer use a company … Continue reading

Data Security Act of 2015 Advances in House Committee

On Tuesday, the House Financial Services Committee voted in favor of the Data Security Act of 2015 (HR 2205) by an overwhelming 46-9 vote. The Act is designed to heighten information security programs throughout the country and ensure transparent reporting … Continue reading

American Bankers Association Reveals Data Breach

The American Bankers Association recently disclosed details about a data breach that compromised roughly 6,400 usernames and passwords on the association's website. The group confirmed the computer systems were compromised last Thursday, but they do not believe that any financial … Continue reading

eBay Data Breach May Be Bigger Than Target’s

The recently discovered eBay hack has the potential to be even larger than last year's Target breach. If the latest reports are true, the eBay breach may have compromised more than 100 million users' account passwords. eBay suspects the hackers … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–May 23, 2014

Microchips in our Passports and Credit Cards: Are They Safe? U.S. passports have them. And these days, many more U.S. credit cards are starting to carry them, too. The tiny plastic chips embedded in passports and credit cards are primarily … Continue reading

Consumer Survey Shows Growing Concern over Security of Financial Information

According to the Unisys Security Index Report, an increasing number of Americans are "very" concerned about the security of their financial information. Only 28% of Americans said they were "very" concerned in 2013, but 35% reported the same level of … Continue reading

Study Shows Couples are Very Honest about Finances

A new study by the AARP shows that a large majority of couples are honest about their financial information. Most do not have hidden bank accounts and secret purchases are rare. The most common financial secrets were about lending money to … Continue reading