Most Young Adults Have Made Significant Financial Mistakes

The majority of young adults make crucial financial mistakes that could have a major impact on their lives, according to a study by Credit Karma. Many of these errors could have been avoided with proper financial education. Credit Karma surveyed … Continue reading

North Carolina Parents Can Now Freeze Their Child’s Credit

Beginning January 1, parents in North Carolina will have a new way to protect their children's identity before they turn 18. A new state law from the Department of Justice will allow parents to put a security freeze on their … Continue reading

What Is The Difference Between Credit Cards And Debit Cards?

When you look at a debit and a credit card side by side, they can appear identical. Both will be the the same size, have the same number of digits, and will contain a logo identifying it with a major payment … Continue reading

Credit Score vs. Credit Report – Which Is More Important?

Credit reports and credit scores can be a bit confusing, and that's not entirely by accident. In fact, the companies that issue credit scores purposely conceal the formulas that they use. So when it comes to understanding credit reports and credit scores, … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–July 24, 2015

Adultery Website Hack Could Expose 37 Million Cheaters Ashley Madison, the adultery website which uses the tagline "Life is short. Have an affair," confirmed that it suffered a "criminal intrusion" into its system which could expose private details of as … Continue reading

5 Ways Your Credit Score Can Drop (And What You Can Do To Recover)

One of your most valuable assets if your credit score, and a high one will allow you to receive the most competitive interest rates on home and car loans, or allow you to rent an apartment. In addition, credit scores are now being … Continue reading

Citibank to Provide Free Credit Scores to Cardholders

Citibank will become the largest credit card issuer to provide free credit scores to their Citi credit card customers. The bank will begin providing these scores on a monthly basis beginning in January. The scores will only be available online. … Continue reading

Common Ways Thieves Steal Your Identity (And How You Can Prevent Them)

If you are worried about thieves trying to steal your identity, there are a variety of steps you can take to protect your personal data and critical information. There are a plethora of different technologies you can buy to keep … Continue reading

4 Things You Didn’t Know Depend On Your Credit Score

When most people reflect on their credit score, they instantly start thinking about credit cards, and their ability to get low interest rates and high credit limits. However, your credit score affects far more than just your ability to get … Continue reading

Important Things To Do After Your Credit Card Number Is Stolen

Have you had your credit card stolen? Are you worried that someone might be using your identity to make purchases? This can be an intensely frustrating situation, but the first thing that you should do is stay calm. This will … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–May 30, 2014

Correcting Your Credit Report Gets Easier You just got more of a say in fixing errors on your credit report. Pushed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, major credit reporting companies Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion have changed their complaint systems … Continue reading

Proposed Senate Bill Mandates Free Annual Credit Scores

A proposed bill in the United States Senate would mandate all consumers have access to free annual credit scores. The Stop Errors in Credit Use and Reporting (SECURE) Act is designed to reduce the problems consumers experience through errors in their … Continue reading

CFPB Urges Card Companies to Provide Free Credit Scores

The Consumer Federal Protection Bureau is urging credit card issuers to provide free credit scores for their customers. Doing so would allow consumers across the country to better track the health of their credit. Some issuers, such as Discover, Barclay and … Continue reading

Build Credit with Your Tax Refund

Tax refund checks will soon be rolling in, and some of them will likely go to "unnecessary" purchases--that new iPad you've been drooling over, or the big party you've been wanting to throw. While there is no shame in spending … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–February 28, 2014

Financial, Retail Industries Keep Cybersecurity Mistakes and Punishments Secret Even as cyberthreats grow in frequency and sophistication, the system for ensuring payment card security in the United States remains a closely guarded arrangement among the credit card networks who set … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–February 21, 2014

A Line of Defense Against the Theft of Personal Data Credit-monitoring is often backward-looking, informing you of new accounts that thieves may have already opened in your name. But a freeze prohibits the bureaus from releasing your credit reports to … Continue reading

Three Common Credit Myths on Joint Accounts

When couples get engaged, they make the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. They immediately face a number of decisions. Where will we live? When will we get married? Should we merge our finances? One of the … Continue reading

Protecting Your Financial Accounts from Hackers

Consumers are getting bombarded with news of cyber security attacks at well-known retail stores such as Target and Neiman Marcus. They are concerned about their personal information and are left to wonder what can be done to protect themselves. Here … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–November 22, 2013

Retailers Use Deals to Get You Connected Head into the mall this holiday season, and you won't just be bombarded by 50% off signs or two-for-one deals. Once you hit the cash register, someone is bound to tempt you with … Continue reading

Experian Improves Credit Educator Program

The Credit Educator program at Experian was originally developed to give people a chance to improve their credit scores through guided, professional assistance. The program has been around for some time, but has recently been upgraded to give customers more for … Continue reading

Bizarre Ways to Hurt Your Credit Score

We all know that having an unpaid bill could result in a lower credit score. This makes sense. What you might not know is that an overdue library book or a rental car reservation could have an impact on your … Continue reading

How Can I Build Credit without a Credit Card?

Building credit can be a tricky process because it takes credit to build credit. Most people struggle to build their credit history without initially using some "starter" credit cards to get the ball rolling. How can you build credit without … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–September 6, 2013

Data Security Begins with the Traveler Criminal hackers gravitate to some hotels because hotels do many credit card transactions at a local level which may lack centralized, sophisticated data security safeguards. Most hotels are locally owned and it is expensive to come into full … Continue reading

Your Facebook Friends Could Help Your Credit

Ever wish that you could get a loan just by knowing people with good credit? That may not be as farfetched as it sounds. Thanks to a variety of tech startups like Lenddo, you could improve your credit score and … Continue reading

Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is a tough decision, and for most, it is the absolute last resort. Nevertheless, it is the only way that some people can escape bad financial decisions from the past. No matter what led you to file, you … Continue reading

Are You Buying Your Real Credit Score?

Credit scores are how lenders, and even some insurers and employers, judge consumers. For a number that carries such influence, there are many grey areas that can create problems and confusion for consumers. The July 2013 issue of Consumer Reports calls … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–August 9, 2013

An $18 Million Lesson in Handling Credit Report Errors Julie Miller could not get the big credit bureau to remove a host of errors that it inserted into her credit report. So she tried suing and that worked. A jury in … Continue reading

Reconsideration–Another Chance at Getting a Credit Card

Reconsideration is an unpublished "secret" in the credit card industry. If your credit card application has been rejected, there is a number you can call to explain your side of the story to a real person and appeal for approval. When … Continue reading

Do Store Credit Cards Help Credit?

Store credit cards are designed to reward frequent shoppers for their loyalty to a specific store. They offer special discounts that you can't find without the card. Many consumers have applied for these cards due to the attractive incentives they … Continue reading

Common Mistakes for First Time Credit Card Customers

Being approved for your first credit card is a big financial step, but it can also lead you into a lot of debt if you are not financially responsible. It doesn't matter how old you are--you will most likely make … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–June 21, 2013

Young Americans Are Ditching Credit Cards The number of young Americans who are living without credit cards has doubled since the recession. About 16% of consumers ages 18 to 29 didn't have a single credit card by the end of … Continue reading

Do Household Bills Help My Credit Score?

Every adult has a number of household bills, from electricity and gas to water and cable. With the amount of money we all pay for these bills, you'd hope some benefit would come from making these payments. Do household bills … Continue reading

Financial Tips for Recent Graduates

Almost two million people recently graduated college and the fortunate ones are now entering a new chapter of life called the working world. For the class of 2013, the average graduate is already weighed down with $32,500 in debt when … Continue reading

How Can I Improve My Credit?

Having a low credit score can be detrimental in a money-driven world. It will prevent you from getting car loans, home loans, credit cards and much more. No matter what caused your bad credit, there is a way out of it. The … Continue reading

How to Get a Credit Card as a Student

As long as you are over the age of 18, you can qualify for a credit card. The challenge is obtaining that first card when you have little or no credit to back up your application. If you are a college … Continue reading

How to Check My Credit Score for Free

Running a search for "how to check my credit score for free" may lead you to a lot of websites that are actually just companies trying to sell their services. There are ways to check your credit score for free, … Continue reading

How Can I Apply for a Credit Card?

Applying for a credit card is much like applying for a loan or a rental home. You have to provide information that a company can review and assess. If everything works out well, you will be given a line of … Continue reading

How to Get Credit When You Have No Credit

For the most part, it takes credit to make credit. You can't get a loan or credit card without having some form of credit to prove that you are trustworthy. This frustrating cycle can be difficult to overcome when you … Continue reading

What Affects Your Credit Score

Knowing what affects your credit score may allow you to make better financial decisions over time. It is similar to knowing the types of questions on a test before going in to take it. You may not know all the … Continue reading

How Fast Can You Raise Your Credit Score?

In the modern world, speed is everything. We drive fast cars on fast highways while our fast phones access a fast internet connection. There is no time to waste. Many people apply this same theory to their credit scores, seeking … Continue reading

Selecting The Right Credit Card For Your Credit Profile

Finding the right credit card for your credit profile is perhaps one of the most important things to do during your search for a new card. If you have poor credit, it does not make sense to apply for a … Continue reading

Areas with Worst Credit Scores All Found in the South

TransUnion has released its ranking of metropolitan areas with the highest and lowest consumer credit score in the country. Two areas in northern California--San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara (700) and San Francisco-Oakland-Freemont (696)--have the highest scores. Memphis is the area with the lowest … Continue reading

Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Balance Transfer Card

Balance transfer cards can be an invaluable tool for those looking to avoid paying high interest rates on existing balances, but when used improperly they can be just as dangerous as the initial high rate card. In this interview with … Continue reading