Credit Card Checklist for Holiday Travel

Taking a trip for the holidays? You may want to take a look at your credit card account before you head out the door. There are some preparations every credit card user needs to take before going on vacation. Notify … Continue reading

Is It Better to Overdraft a Checking Account or a Credit Card?

In desperate times, having the ability to overdraft your checking or credit card account can come in handy. It's like an instant personal loan without having to fill out an application. Of course, this loan has to be paid back right away … Continue reading

How Is My Credit Card Limit Determined?

Credit card limits are determined by a variety of factors. Credit card companies are not going to put themselves in a position where they are likely to lose money. Every decision the company makes is based on a customer's potential … Continue reading

Do Credit Cards Expire on the First or Last Day of the Month?

All credit cards come with an expiration date. This is imprinted on the front of the card and usually shows a month and a year. Many times, the expiration date does not show a specific date on which the card expires. So … Continue reading

4 Things You Didn’t Know Depend On Your Credit Score

When most people reflect on their credit score, they instantly start thinking about credit cards, and their ability to get low interest rates and high credit limits. However, your credit score affects far more than just your ability to get … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–June 6, 2014

Debt Collectors Have Figured Out a Way to Seize Your Wages and SavingsPeople with overdue bills have long complained of harassment from debt collectors, from late-night phone calls to frightening in-person visits. Now it appears the industry has found far … Continue reading

5 Most Important Things To Consider When Picking A Credit Card

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Six Credit Card Trends to Watch in 2014 During and immediately after the financial crisis, credit card issuers tightened up lending standards and lowered credit limits to protect themselves. "They had given credit to too many people and approved people … Continue reading

Retail Credit Cards on the Rise

According to a new report from Equifax, retail credit card accounts are on the rise, both in terms of balances and the number of cards on the market. There were 24.6 million new retail credit card accounts opened between January … Continue reading

CFPB Reports CARD Act Saved Money for Consumers

In the four years since the CARD Act was signed into law, the cost of credit has dropped by two percentage points, but many consumers are finding credit more difficult to obtain. These were some of the major findings of … Continue reading

Credit Card Balances Predicted to Increase

The majority of bankers in a recent survey expect the average credit card balance to increase over the next six months but only about a quarter of them predict that delinquencies will increase. These are the results of the latest … Continue reading

Why Do Credit Cards Expire?

Why do credit cards have expiration dates? Do those dates represent times when the cards will no longer work? There are several reasons behind the "good thru" date you see on most credit cards, and some of them may surprise … Continue reading

How Do I Get a Credit Card If I Have No Credit?

People often assume that it takes bad credit to get declined for a credit card, but that is not always the case. A complete lack of credit may be just as detrimental to your chances, depending on what card you … Continue reading

10 Common Credit Card Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

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Declines in Credit Card Charge-Offs & Delinquencies

Another credit card report shows that charge-offs and delinquency numbers continue to fall. Last week, Moody's Investors Service found that credit card charge-offs fell from 4.56 percent in July to 4.19 percent in August. The credit card charge-off rate is … Continue reading

Retail Card Issuers Loosening Credit Standards

The issuers of retail credit cards seem to be significantly easing their credit standards, according to data from Equifax's August National Consumer Credit Trends Report. The number of open retail credit card accounts reached a 31-month high in July, exceeding … Continue reading

Consumers Made Beneficial Credit Card Changes During Recession

A new Federal Reserve study shows the devastation of the recent recession on family finances. The average family's net worth dropped almost 40 percent between 2007 and 2010--from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010. The report estimates the recession eliminated … Continue reading