Smartphone Offered with New Citi AT&T Credit Card

Today, Citi and AT&T announced a new co-branded credit card that provides cardholders a way to receive a new smartphone. The AT&T Access More Card gives cardholders a link to a special website where they purchase a smartphone at full … Continue reading

Top 7 Travel Credit Cards for 2015

Summer is right around the corner and people are already planning their getaways. Traveling can be quite expensive, which is why so many people have to cut back on their vacations. But with the right credit card rewards program, you … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–March 27, 2015

Google Working on Project to Let You Receive and Pay Bills Directly Inside Gmail Google's mission to organize the world's information is now targeting your physical mailbox. The company is currently working on a project that will allow Gmail users … Continue reading

Discover and AmEx Top Credit Cards in Consumer Satisfaction

According to a recent consumer satisfaction survey of more than 6,600 credit card users, Discover and American Express are the most "satisfying" credit card companies in America. The 2015 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Report from Credio is the first of … Continue reading

CFPB Wants Public’s Input on Credit Card Industry

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is requesting public input on how the credit card market is operating. This is part of a required review which must be conducted every two years according to the CARD Act of 2009. The Request for … Continue reading

Free iPhone Upgrades for AmEx Cardholders in India

American Express credit cardholders in India can now upgrade their iPhones by simply redeeming their rewards points at Apple Stores. This is part of the new Pay with Points program that provides real-time opportunities to cash in rewards with more … Continue reading

The 5 Best Small Business Credit Cards Of 2015

It's not easy running a small business, and owners have to fight for every bit of revenue they can, while closely tracking their expenses. Credit cards designed for business use can help with this task by offering a single place … Continue reading

Even Billionaires Use Rewards Credit Cards

Even the rich and famous like to tally up their credit card rewards. Billionaire Liu Yiqian used his frequent flier miles to fly to Hong Kong to purchase an ancient Tibetan silk tapestry for $45 million, according to Bloomberg. Liu … Continue reading

Swyp All-in-One Credit Card Learns Your Spending Patterns

Swyp, a new innovation from Qvivr, is a digital wallet which acts as an all-in-one credit card. SWYP has a chip that stores account information for each of your cards. What makes this device special is the fact that it can predict … Continue reading

A Truly “Green” Credit Card Hits The Market

Credit card issuers have marketed their cards to specific target audiences for years. Frequent fliers, bookworms, NFL fans, home fixer-uppers, students, travelers, NASCAR fans....and now, people concerned about climate change. Today, a biodegradable MasterCard that helps combat climate change hit … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–December 5, 2014

What Happens When You Swipe Your Card? This holiday shopping season, you might worry that every time you swipe your credit or debit card some criminal might be swiping your account number and with good reason. The number of reported, … Continue reading

Clinkle Offers Students $20 to Sign Up for Debit Card

Clinkle, a mobile payments startup, is offering students from one University $20 to sign up for their debit card. The money is set up in a vending machine on the University of California Berkeley campus where students can get "free money" … Continue reading

New Year’s Credit Card Resolutions

We're approaching another new year, which means we all have a chance to focus and fix areas of our life with some New Year's resolutions. One resolution may be to get your credit card account in order so you can … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–October 3, 2014

Cyberattack Against JPMorgan Chase Affects 76 Million Households A cyberattack this summer on JPMorgan Chase compromised the accounts of 76 million households and seven million small businesses, a tally that dwarfs previous estimates by the bank and puts the intrusion … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–July 18, 2014

Credit Card Fees are Killing Small Businesses There is no real competition in the market for credit and debit card swipe fees. Because Visa and MasterCard control 80% of the card market, they are able to dictate terms. The system … Continue reading

5 Tips For Maximizing Credit Card Rewards

Earning rewards on your credit card is a great benefit to consumers who completely pay off their balance each month on time. You can actually make money by making transactions with a credit card. But sometimes credit card companies make … Continue reading

5 Most Important Things To Consider When Picking A Credit Card

If you are interested in obtaining a new credit card, then you need to think about a few of the critical factors that should go into that decision. Applying for a new credit card should not be a decision made … Continue reading

Wells Fargo to Launch Two Credit Cards for Big Spenders

Wells Fargo is looking to attract a more affluent customer base by launching two new credit cards. The cards are designed for current Wells Fargo customers who are heavy spenders or who travel often. Propel World and Propel 365 offer a … Continue reading

Wallaby’s Chrome Extension Recommends Credit Cards for Online Shopping

Wallaby's credit card rewards optimization program has now made its way to Google Chrome. The company has developed an extension that tells consumers which credit card to use when shopping online so the rewards are maximized. The extension works by … Continue reading

Maximize Credit Card Rewards with New App

A new app on the market known as Pick2Pay allows users to "maximize their savings" with credit card rewards and e-gift cards. The app scouts the best savings options for your purchases to ensure that you get the best deal, … Continue reading

Should I Pay My Taxes with a Credit Card?

April 15 is less than two months away, and many of us are already trying to figure out how to pay our taxes. Using a credit card to pay taxes may seem like an easy way to appease the IRS, … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–February 14, 2014

Target Data Breach Pits Banks Against Retailers Banks and big retailers are locked in a debate over the breach of consumer data that gripped Target during the holiday season. At issue: Which industry bears more responsibility for protecting consumers' personal … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–January 17, 2014

Millions Getting New Debit, Credit Cards After Target Hack Millions of consumers are being sent new credit and debit cards in the wake of the recent security breach that hit as many as 110 million Target customers. JPMorgan Chase announced … Continue reading

American Express Cardholders Lose Airline Perks

The airline perks that came with some American Express cards are going away. According to a notice put out by American Express, "Beginning March 22, 2014, American Express Card Members will no longer have access to American Airlines Admirals Club … Continue reading

How to Get Tax Deductions from Donating Credit Card Rewards

With the holiday season in full swing, some credit cardholders will choose to donate their credit card rewards to a charity. Credit card companies make it easy to do this with a click of the button on their website. What … Continue reading

10 Credit Card Tips to Better Manage Holiday Spending

We are approaching one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. Nearly 140 million people plan to shop over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend according to the National Retail Federation. Last year, the average shopper spent $423 over the Thanksgiving … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–November 22, 2013

Retailers Use Deals to Get You Connected Head into the mall this holiday season, and you won't just be bombarded by 50% off signs or two-for-one deals. Once you hit the cash register, someone is bound to tempt you with … Continue reading

Credit Card Rewards Programs Under Review by CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is starting to review whether credit card rewards programs are misleading to credit card users. The result of the review may be new, strict rules about the transparency of rewards programs, including details about cash … Continue reading

Chase Freedom Credit Card Doubles Sign-Up Bonus

Chase Freedom is one of the better cash back credit cards on the market. It just got even better. On Monday, Chase announced that it is increasing its signup bonus from $100 to $200 for any new cardholder who spends … Continue reading

Save on Holiday Shopping Using Credit Card Rewards

The holidays are here, and soon consumers will be hitting the malls and emptying their wallets. Last year, consumers spent an average of $786 on holiday gifts. According to the National Retail Federation’s holiday spending survey, nearly 75% of the … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–November 15, 2013

Credit Card Debt Declines for Fourth Straight Month U.S. credit card balances declined for the fourth consecutive month in September, suggesting rising caution among the nation's consumers. Revolving credit, which largely reflects money owed on credit cards, fell by a … Continue reading

Credit Card Checklist for Holiday Travel

Taking a trip for the holidays? You may want to take a look at your credit card account before you head out the door. There are some preparations every credit card user needs to take before going on vacation. Notify … Continue reading

Some Credit Card Rewards May Be Taxable

We're getting close to the end of the year, and soon you will have to gather your information to file your income taxes for 2013. It may surprise you but some credit card rewards may be taxable, depending on how … Continue reading

Store Credit Cards vs. Cash Back Credit Cards

If you want to make the most out of your shopping adventures, you need to have a credit card that helps you save money. Some people automatically think about store credit cards, and others go for cash back credit cards. … Continue reading

GM Improves Rewards Program on Credit Cards

GM has announced a significant improvement in the rewards program for its credit card. The new GM Card from Capital One has no limit on the amount of rewards you can earn and no expiration date for your points. Previously, the … Continue reading

American Express Allows New Yorkers to Use Rewards for Cab Fare

American Express cardholders can now use their rewards points to pay taxi fares in New York City. The partnership with VeriFone will allow cardholders to redeem their Membership Rewards Points just like they are making a credit card payment. At the time for payment, American … Continue reading

Man Loses Gas Rewards over Technicality

The state of New Jersey has not allowed drivers to pump their own gas since 1949. This may seem a little shocking to people in other states, but it doesn't seem to bother long-time Jersey residents. Atwell Haines, a citizen … Continue reading

CFPB Reports CARD Act Saved Money for Consumers

In the four years since the CARD Act was signed into law, the cost of credit has dropped by two percentage points, but many consumers are finding credit more difficult to obtain. These were some of the major findings of … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–September 27, 2013

Google Wallet Arrives on iPhone Google introduced the Wallet app to the iPhone, a move which will hasten the replacement of cash and credit cards. The iOS app will allow users to store gift and loyalty cards and send cash … Continue reading

Avoid Losing Your Credit Card Rewards

If you pay off your credit card balance on time every month, then using a credit card can actually make you money. That's because of the rewards that come with over half of the credit cards on the market. The … Continue reading

Comparing Credit Card Reward Programs

An estimated 75% of credit cards have some type of rewards program. Since there are over 1,000 credit cards offered in the United States, finding that ideal rewards program might be a little overwhelming. How do you go about selecting … Continue reading

The Voice Is Yours with New Huntington Bank Credit Card

Huntington Bank is launching a new credit card called Voice. This card is somewhat unique to the market, offering consumers the chance to choose between different rewards options or a lower interest rate. Cardholders can select a rewards program that … Continue reading

‘American Express Unstaged’ Joined Fashion and Music

American Express partnered with Rebecca Minkoff and Janelle Monae to hold a special live event last Friday that combined fashion with music. Hosted by Kelly Osbourne, the event was called "American Express Unstaged", and featured a behind the scenes look … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–September 6, 2013

Data Security Begins with the Traveler Criminal hackers gravitate to some hotels because hotels do many credit card transactions at a local level which may lack centralized, sophisticated data security safeguards. Most hotels are locally owned and it is expensive to come into full … Continue reading

This App Maximizes Your Credit Card Rewards

Credit card reward programs can be confusing. A recent study showed only 59% of credit card customers fully understood their rewards program. Wouldn't you love to know which credit card to use to generate the most rewards from each transaction … Continue reading

American Express Again Tops in Customer Satisfaction

For the seventh year in a row, American Express was ranked the highest in customer satisfaction in the 2013 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study from J.D. Power. AmEx has topped the charts since J.D. Power started the annual satisfaction survey, … Continue reading