Are You Buying Your Real Credit Score?

Credit scores are how lenders, and even some insurers and employers, judge consumers. For a number that carries such influence, there are many grey areas that can create problems and confusion for consumers. The July 2013 issue of Consumer Reports calls … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–July 3, 2013

As Rules Change, More Retailers Offer Discounts for Cash Payments Some gas stations and merchants are now offering discounts for cash payments since new rules from a January 27 settlement allow businesses to charge up to 4 percent more on … Continue reading

LowCards Weekly Credit Card Update October 5

U.S. Credit Card Lenders Shun Add-Ons as CFPB Cracks Down Chase, Bank of America and American Express are among credit card lenders retreating from a $2.4 billion market as regulators seek curbs on deceptive marketing of products including debt cancellation. Scrutiny … Continue reading