New Rules for College Debit Cards and Financial Aid Disbursements

The U.S. Education Department is creating new regulations for college-sponsored debit cards used for financial aid disbursements. The rules are designed to protect students from being charged high fees for using the cards and to prevent colleges from forcing students … Continue reading

Money Management Tips for College-Bound Students

Many students will soon leave home for college, taking another step toward independence and managing money on their own. Students unprepared for new freedom can quickly go into debt and ruin their credit score. Parents need to make sure students … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–March 22, 2013

Lawmakers Target Unfair Overdraft Charges Democrats have introduced a bill that would limit the cost of overdraft fees and prohibit practices that increase the likelihood customers will overdraw their accounts. The Overdraft Protection Act would prohibit financial institutions from charging more … Continue reading Weekly Credit Card Update–February 8, 2013

California Supreme Court Makes it Easier for Apple, Online Businesses to Collect Personal Data A divided California Supreme Court ruled that online merchants such as Apple and Ticketmaster can require consumers to furnish personal information to make credit card purchases. … Continue reading

Substantial Decline in College Credit Card Agreements

A report recently released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau showed the number of college credit card agreements between issuers and institutions of higher learning or alumni organizations dropped dramatically in 2011 versus 2010. The data revealed a 20.6 percent decline … Continue reading