70% of Shoppers Are Vulnerable to Holiday Scams

Two out of three consumers are at risk of getting scammed this holiday season, according to a new survey from AARP. The survey included seven questions about common holiday shopping scams, and 70% of the participants were unable to answer the … Continue reading

Protecting Senior Citizens from Identity Theft

Senior citizens are extremely vulnerable to identity theft, and many of them do not realize this until the problem is too late to correct. TrustedID, a well-known identity theft protection program, has now launched a new program for AARP members … Continue reading

Older Americans Running Up Large Credit Card Debt

A troubling survey shows that older Americans are now carrying more credit card debt than younger people, mainly due to job loss and medical bills, not because of a lack of financial responsibility. The study looked at 997 middle-income households … Continue reading

Study Shows Couples are Very Honest about Finances

A new study by the AARP shows that a large majority of couples are honest about their financial information. Most do not have hidden bank accounts and secret purchases are rare. The most common financial secrets were about lending money to … Continue reading