Dummies Guide To Credit

LowCards.com offers the Dummies Guide to Credit as a free resource to offer tips, tricks, and suggestions to save you money. This 13 lesson course will educate you on topics such as understanding the importance of credit scores to making large purchases in your life. To get started, click on a lesson below:

1: Getting Started
When your monthly expenses are more than your monthly income.
2: Credit Scores
Understanding your credit score and how you can improve it.
3: Budgeting
Tips for starting a budget and cutting your expenses.
4: Credit Cards
What are you actually paying? Know and understand your fees & rates.
5: Climbing Out Of Debt
Tips for climbing out of debt and credit card traps to avoid.
6: Finding A Credit Card
What cards will benefit you? Rewards, cash back, none?
7: Insurance
Tips for what coverage you need and how much
8: Buying An Auto
What can you afford and how can you get the lowest payment terms?
9: Buying A House
What price can you really afford and how can you budget for it?
10: Tax Cutting Tips
Save for retirement and cut your overall taxes.
11: Why Save?
Reasons to start saving money today.
12: Bill Saving Tips
Easy and painless tips to start saving money today.
13: Credit Card Statistics
Credit card industry statistics and household credit/debt statistics