Interest Rates

  • Introductory Rate: None
  • APR (Purchases): 9.25% Variable
  • APR (Cash Advances): 13.25% Variable


  • Annual Fee: None
  • Grace Period: 25 Days
  • Late Payment Fee: An amount equal to past due payment or $25.00, whichever is less.
  • Over-The-Limit Fee: N/A
  • Cash Advance Fee: 3.00% of the amount, but not less than $4.00 nor more than $50.00
  • Balance Transfer Fee: None

Reward Program

  • Points per Dollar: Cardholders who enroll in the program receive one point per net dollar spent
  • Additional Points: N/A
  • Point Details: Points can be redeemed on any US based airline with no blackout dates or seating restrictions as well as hotels, cruises, vacation packages, car rentals, and restaurants
  • Expiration: N/A
  • Yearly Limit: N/A

The Simmons First Visa Platinum Rewards card is a fantastic option for those looking for a card with a low on-going purchase APR, no annual fee, and a basic rewards program.  The card, however, is designed for those with elite credit.

Main Features Of The Simmons First Visa Platinum Rewards Card

Worldwide Acceptance: This card is accepted worldwide anywhere Visa cards are accepted plus offers 24 hour cash from any ATM where Visa cards are accepted.

Low Interest Rate: This card features an extremely low on-going APR, one of the lowest in the industry.

Travel Benefits: This card comes with numerous travel benefits, including accident insurance, emergency cash and card replacement, and rental car coverage.

3 Main advantages

Travel Rewards: This card has a basic rewards program of 1 point per dollar spent which can be redeemed on airlines, cruises, vacation packages, and other travel.

No Annual Fee: This card has no annual fee, a perk not often found in cards with a low on-going APR and rewards program.

No Balance Transfer Fee: Take advantage of low interest rates plus no fee on balance transfers!

3 Main disadvantages

Credit Profile: This card is only designed for those with elite credit.

No Intro Offer: This card does not come with any sign up bonus or introductory APR offer.

Rewards Program: While it's nice this card has a rewards program, it isn't as strong as some of the other cards available.

Editor's Final Word

This card is a fantastic card for someone looking to carry an on-going balance who has excellent credit, doesn't want to pay an annual fee, and wants a basic rewards program.  While the card has no intro offer and the rewards program is very basic, it's still a great choice and will more than make up for any drawbacks with the low interest rates.

To apply for the Simmons First Visa Platinum Rewards, click here to be redirected to the issuer's website.

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