Simmons Bank Visa® Platinum Rewards

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  • Most Attractive : Low interest rate, travel rewards, no annual fee
  • Least Attractive : Designed for those with elite credit
  • Editor Rating :
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Excellent Credit

The Simmons First Visa Platinum Rewards card is a fantastic option for those looking for a card with a low on-going purchase APR, no annual fee, and a basic rewards program.  The card, however, is designed for those with elite credit.

Main Features Of The Simmons First Visa Platinum Rewards Card

Worldwide Acceptance: This card is accepted worldwide anywhere Visa cards are accepted plus offers 24 hour cash from any ATM where Visa cards are accepted.

Low Interest Rate: This card features an extremely low on-going APR, one of the lowest in the industry.

Travel Benefits: This card comes with numerous travel benefits, including accident insurance, emergency cash and card replacement, and rental car coverage.

3 Main advantages

Travel Rewards: This card has a basic rewards program of 1 point per dollar spent which can be redeemed on airlines, cruises, vacation packages, and other travel.

No Annual Fee: This card has no annual fee, a perk not often found in cards with a low on-going APR and rewards program.

No Balance Transfer Fee: Take advantage of low interest rates plus no fee on balance transfers!

3 Main disadvantages

Credit Profile: This card is only designed for those with elite credit.

No Intro Offer: This card does not come with any sign up bonus or introductory APR offer.

Rewards Program: While it’s nice this card has a rewards program, it isn’t as strong as some of the other cards available.

Editor’s Final Word

This card is a fantastic card for someone looking to carry an on-going balance who has excellent credit, doesn’t want to pay an annual fee, and wants a basic rewards program.  While the card has no intro offer and the rewards program is very basic, it’s still a great choice and will more than make up for any drawbacks with the low interest rates.