Simmons Bank Visa® Platinum

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  • Most Attractive : Low on-going APR, Travel Benefits
  • Least Attractive : Designed for elite credit
  • Editor Rating :
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Excellent Credit

The Simmons First Visa Platinum is an excellent low interest credit card with a low on-going rate.  The card features numerous travel benefits as well as global acceptance anywhere Visa is accepted.  However this card is only designed for those with elite credit profiles.

Key Features Of The Simmons First Visa Platinum

Low On-Going APR: This card has an extremely low on-going APR, one of the lowest available.

Travel Benefits: This card features up to $1,000,000.00 in travel accident insurance along with over travel protection benefits.

Low Cash Advance APR: This card also has an extremely low cash advance APR.

3 Main Advantages

No Balance Transfer Fees: This card has no balance transfer fees, a benefit that is often difficult to find in a card with as low of an interest rate as this.

No Annual Fees: In addition to low interest rates, this card has no annual fee.

Travel Coverage: Travel accident insurance, rental car coverage, and emergency card replacement are just a few of the travel perks that come with this card.

3 Main Disadvantages

Credit Profile: This card is designed for those with excellent credit, and at the top tier of the excellent credit category.

No Introductory Offer: This card does not have any sort of introductory offer currently available.

No Rewards Program: This card does not have any rewards program associated with it.

Editor’s Final Word

This card is a fantastic option for someone with excellent credit looking for a card with no annual fee and a low on-going APR. But you have to have a very strong credit score or else you will not be approved. While this card may not have a rewards program or introductory offer, the money saved in interest if you carry a balance will more than make up for it.  Overall this is a great choice for a card which you plan on carrying an on-going balance.