Barclaycard Ring MasterCard®

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  • Most Attractive : Very low APR; No balance transfer fees; No annual fees
  • Least Attractive : No introductory rate
  • Editor Rating :
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Excellent Credit

The Barclaycard Ring MasterCard® has one of the lowest on-going APRs in the industry on both purchases as well as cash advances.  The card has a unique rewards program with no annual fee, however does not come with an introductory rate.

Key Features Of The Barclaycard Ring MasterCard®

Industry Leading APR: This card has an extremely low on-going APR on both purchases as well as balance transfers, making it a fantastic option for anyone considering carrying an on-going balance.

Unique Rewards Program: Get rewarded through the GivebackTM program, where Barclaycard Ring members can get money back for good performance!

Social Card: This card comes with a social online community to help you learn about the card, financial responsibility, and other information. You can vote on new product features and benefits, and take advantage of having your voice heard in the future of the card.

Main Advantages

No Annual Fee: This card has an extremely low APR as well as no annual fee.

Industry Leading APR: It’s worth mentioning again — this card has one of the lowest APRs in the card industry for both purchases and cash advances.

Free Credit Score: Opt-in to have instant and convenient access to FICO® Scores from your Barclaycard online account.

Fun Rewards Program: This card comes with a unique rewards program that is both rewarding as well as educational and entertaining at the same time.

Main Disadvantages

Designed For Excellent Credit: With the low APR, this card truly is designed for those with excellent credit.

Reward Program Not For Everyone: The reward program on this card is fun and unique, but certainly not for everyone. If you want a standard rewards program this card may not be for you.

No Intro Offer: There is no introductory APR available with this card, however keep in mind the on-going APR is extremely low.

Editor’s Final Word

The Barclaycard Ring MasterCard® is trying to provide a fresh, new type of card in an industry that is filled with dozens of cards with the same features and benefits. With a low on-going APR and no annual fee, this is a great option for those looking for something different.