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Natalie Rutledge majored in Communications at Mississippi State University. She was in sales for a number of businesses and spent nine years working as a communications advisor to various entities. Natalie can be contacted directly at natalie@lowcards.com

36% of Millennials Have Never Owned a Credit Card

Millennials are sometimes viewed as the most irresponsible generation when it comes to finances, but new research suggests they may not be quite as careless as perceived. A recent study from Princeton Survey Research Associates International assessed the financial habits … Continue reading

OneBit App Makes Bitcoins Acceptable at MasterCard PayPass Terminals

In an effort to bring Bitcoins into the mainstream payments market, a group of participants from the MasterCard Masters of Code hackathon developed an application that ties Bitcoins with MasterCard's PayPass technology. The application, known as OneBit, allows Bitcoin users … Continue reading

Papa John’s Launches PayShare to Help Customers Split Bill

Hate the struggle of having to collect everyone's cash when you order a pizza for delivery? Papa John's is aiming to change that with its new online bill splitting tool, PayShare. With this digital application, customers can immediately split their … Continue reading

Credit Union Launches First Mobile Banking App for Smartwatches

Credit union customers in Ohio are the first in the country to be able to do mobile banking on their smartwatches, thanks to the new Android Wear app from Wright-Patt Credit Union. The new app, developed by Digital Insight, is … Continue reading

Walmart Exec Says Chip and Signature Won’t Enhance Card Security

Walmart's assistant treasurer Mike Cook is speaking out about the predicted disappointment with chip and signature credit cards, indicating that Americans will still be vulnerable to theft after the shift. In an interview about the changing card infrastructure, Cook told … Continue reading

Bento for Business Launches Prepaid Commercial MasterCard

Small business financial provider Bento for Business has launched a new commercial prepaid card, giving business owners an easier way to allow employees to make purchases for the company. The prepaid card is backed by MasterCard. Some small businesses do … Continue reading

Credit Suisse Launches Private Banking App in Singapore

Credit Suisse launched a new digital banking platform last week that gives banks in Singapore the ability to offer app-based wealth management services to their customers. The platform comes with a simple user interface, complete with trading tools, portfolio analytics and client … Continue reading

Xiaomi Creates Mobile Wallet That Earns Interest

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has come up with an idea that may actually entice people to start using mobile wallets. Their latest development, which has yet to be named, is a digital wallet that lets users earn interest on their … Continue reading

Visa ReadyLink Now Reloadable at Walmart

Visa ReadyLink users now have a new and convenient way to add funds to their accounts. Point-of-sale provider InComm announced last week that the company has integrated Visa ReadyLink technology into Walmart's Rapid Reload network, allowing users to deposit funds to … Continue reading

Credit Card Data Breach Hits Point-of-Sale Device Firm

A company that supplies payment and point-of-sale solutions to cafeterias, airports, casinos, and other food service providers may have become the latest victim of a credit card data breach. NEXTEP Systems is investigating a data breach where the payment information … Continue reading

Good Samaritan Finds, Returns Tom Hanks’ Lost Credit Card

What would you do if you found the credit card of a Hollywood celebrity lying on the street? An unidentified man by the name of "Tony" found Tom Hank's credit card in New York, and promptly returned it to the … Continue reading

CFPB Study Verifies the Need for Arbitration Clause Reform

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released a study that verifies just how important it is for the government to reform mandatory arbitration clauses in credit card agreements. The study shows 75% of consumers are unaware of the arbitration clauses … Continue reading

New PayPal Here Card Reader Supports NFC Payments

PayPal will soon launch a new version of its PayPal Here credit card reader which is expected to accept NFC payments as well as chip-and-PIN credit cards. Merchants and small business owners using PayPal Here will be able to accept … Continue reading

New Mexico State Senate Approves Debit Card Purchases of Lottery Tickets

The bill allowing players to buy New Mexico lottery tickets with debit cards passed the state Senate last week by a vote of 25-16. The proposed law would give people more payment options when consumers buy their lottery tickets, which … Continue reading

CFPB Wants to Suspend Credit Card Agreement Submissions

Last week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed a temporary suspension to the requirement that credit card issuers submit their consumer agreements so they can be posted on the CFPB website for public access. The CFPB wants to create a … Continue reading

Bulk Reef Supply Reports Website Hacked

Bulk Reef Supply, one of the leading suppliers for saltwater aquarium supplies in the United States, reported their website was hacked between July 30th, 2014 and January 22, 2015. Passwords, email addresses and credit card information may have been exposed … Continue reading

CFPB to Focus on Credit Reporting and Medical Debt Collection in 2015

For the first time this year, the Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau met last Thursday in Washington D.C. to discuss the organization's focus for 2015. The meeting centered around credit reporting and the collection of … Continue reading

New Discover it Miles Credit Card Doubles Rewards in Year One

Fans of the Discover it card now have even more reason to celebrate, thanks to the launch of the Discover it Miles travel rewards card. This card maintains the high rewards standards of the cashback card, but it puts an … Continue reading

92% of Women Want to Learn More about Personal Finance

A new study from Fidelity Investments shows the vast majority of women want to take a bigger role in their personal finances. 92% of participants said they desired to learn about financial planning, and 83% wanted to get more involved … Continue reading

PayPal Shuts Down Several Copycat Phishing Sites

Cyber criminals often create lookalike sites for popular payment processors and financial institutions in an effort to steal a person's login information and then hack into that account. PayPal has recently worked to take several of these phishing websites offline … Continue reading

Consumers Demand Mobile Banking Apps When Opening New Checking Account

According to a new study of consumer banking behavior, 56% of bank customers look for mobile banking apps when creating a new checking account. Millennials are more likely to seek out mobile banking solutions than older consumers, but the demand … Continue reading

50% of Americans Lie about Money in Their Relationships

Fifty percent of Americans have lied to their partners about money, according to recent survey from American Consumer Credit Counseling. As thousands of couples prepare to pledge their love to one another over the Valentine's Day weekend, this poll shows … Continue reading

Cash Back Site BigCrumbs.com Investigates Possible Data Compromise

Popular cash back site BigCrumbs.com has been offline since January 29th investigating a potential data compromise on its website. Vince Martin, CEO of BigCrumbs, assured the website's users that the compromise in question was not the result of a data … Continue reading

Wendy’s to Launch Mobile-Friendly POS Terminals at 2,600 Locations

Wendy's is working to say ahead of the fast food competition by installing mobile friendly payment terminals at more than 2,600 locations. The new point-of-sale system will enhance the company's mobile rewards program and promote opportunities for mobile ordering in … Continue reading

New Mexico Bill Would Allow Credit Card Payments for Lottery Tickets

In an effort to boost ticket sales for New Mexico's struggling lottery, Democratic State Senator John Arthur Smith has proposed a bill to allow players to purchase tickets with their credit cards. At this time, the only payments accepted for … Continue reading

MasterPass Expands to More Merchants

MasterPass, MasterCard's digital wallet, will now be an acceptable payment method at several major retailers. Some of these include Blue Nile, Office Depot, Broadway.com, Chegg, Shop.com, CheapO Air, Neiman Marcus and Rue La La. MasterPass can also be used to … Continue reading

True Link Raises $3.4 Million to Develop Debit Card to Help Fraud Protection for the Elderly

True Link Financial has been working on a debit card solution for seniors that will help protect them against identity theft. The startup recently scored an extra $3.4 million in funding which could significantly improve the card's features. The card helps provide … Continue reading

SWIFT Sanctions Screening Now Covers All Financial Transaction Formats

The international financial-messaging network SWIFT recently announced that it is extending its Sanctions Screening service to support all messages used for financial transactions. The new screenings will cover messages for all formats and financial networks. The SWIFT Sanctions Screening began … Continue reading

Santander Enters Prepaid Card Market

Santander, a bank known for its subprime lending opportunities, is taking on a new role in the financial world. The Spanish banking giant is branching out in Brazil by taking over 50% of Super, a digital service provider offering online … Continue reading

Turkey Leads Europe in Credit Card Debt

According to a new study on European credit card debt, Turkey has the highest ratio of credit card debt when compared to total consumer debt. Much of this has to do with a lack of savings in the country. Approximately … Continue reading

Skypass Visa Offers Airlines Miles on a Secured Credit Card

Most secured credit cards are set up the same way: you deposit money into your account and this serves as the spending limit on the card. Then, you build your credit by making timely payments every month. This credit-building feature … Continue reading

New Facial Recognition App Could Replace Passwords

A new app developed for the selfie generation may end up becoming your most secure login information. Hoyos Labs has developed an application to address security concerns that uses biometric technology, so users can bypass usernames and passwords just by … Continue reading

PayPal App Now Compatible with All Major Mobile Platforms

The popular PayPal app has been on the market for several years, but it was mainly available on Android and iOS. The company recently announced on its blog that the app is now compatible with all major mobile platforms, including … Continue reading

Cardless Cash Withdrawals Now Possible with Smartphones at Select ATMs

Wintrust Bank is the first of an expected 1,600 banks that will soon be offering "cardless cash" withdrawals at their ATMs. Bank customers can pull out money from the ATMs with just their smartphones, taking the idea of "mobile banking" … Continue reading

Avoid Credit Card Theft with RFID-Blocking Blue Jeans

Credit card security is so concerning these days that a new pair of jeans has been developed to protect consumers from credit card theft. READY Jeans from Norton and Betabrands are designed with RFID-blocking fabric in the pockets. Radio Frequency Identification … Continue reading

Apple Pay Now Supporting 90% of U.S. Credit Cards

The mobile wallet Apple Pay has grown significantly since its launch in October, and is now supporting credit cards that account for 90% of annual credit card transactions in the United States. Many of the major credit card issuers worked with Apple … Continue reading

Google Adwords To Nix Credit Card Payments from Biggest Customers

Select Google Adwords users will no longer be able to pay their bills by credit card. Clients and advertising agents described as "Large Customer Sales" accounts will soon be switched to an invoicing process to cover their monthly charges. According … Continue reading

Credit Card Terminals Stop Working Due to Expired Certificates

Thousands of credit card terminals shut down earlier this month, but for once, it wasn't the result of a data breach. Payment terminals made by Hypercom were originally developed with a 10-year expiration date on their cryptographic certificates. Those certificates … Continue reading

eBay’s Close 5 Brings Local Selling to Another Level

When some people think about buying locally, they hop over to Craigslist and see what they can find. The problem with Craigslist is that a number of the deals are not trustworthy, and they have to be cash only. With … Continue reading

MasterCard to Enter Canada’s Debit Card Market in 2015

MasterCard recently announced it will be entering Canada's debit card market in 2015 in an effort to build its business outside of the United States. Rival Visa already operates in the Canadian debit card market, and it could face heavy … Continue reading

California May Have Power to Regulate Bitcoin

The California state government may have the ability to regulate Bitcoin and other digital currencies after reassessing their state laws. The state is debating whether to use this new-found power, and if it would benefit consumers. Currently, the government has … Continue reading

Apple Pay Stars in Its First Commercial

Apple Pay made its media premiere in a new commercial from Chase Bank. The commercial features indie band Bleachers using their Chase Freedom credit cards on the Apple Pay platform. Chase wanted to set themselves apart from other Apple Pay … Continue reading

Gen Y Shoppers Drawn to Retailers That Offer Financing Options

According to a recent study, 59% of Gen Y shoppers (adults aged 18-34) say they prefer to shop with retailers that offer financing options. Researchers estimate this generation of shoppers has a $200 billion annual spending power, which makes earning … Continue reading

Discover Enhances Cash Back Program

Discover has expanded its cash back rewards program just in time for the holidays. Discover cardholders can now cash in their rewards at any time, no matter how large or small they may be. In addition, the cash back bonuses … Continue reading

Seattle Parking Meters Swallow Credit Cards

Being able to pay a parking meter with a credit card is convenient--until the meter refuses to give back your card. That is the gamble that drivers in Seattle take these days, with meters swallowing an average of one card … Continue reading

Costco Could Replace American Express as U.S. Card Partner

After replacing American Express as its credit card provider in Canada, Costco is reportedly seeking bids from both a credit card issuer and a payment network for stores in the United States. In September, Costco Wholesale Canada announced their exclusive … Continue reading

Banks on Military Bases Need Greater Transparency for Troops

Many banks on military bases do not offer the protection or transparency soldiers need to make informed decisions about their finances, according to a new report from Pew Charitable Trusts. The study reveals a strong need for safe financial products … Continue reading

Troops Get Extra Time to Pay Off Government Travel Credit Cards

Military personnel going through a permanent change of station (PCS) may get a break on the monthly payment on their government travel credit cards. A new rule from the Department of Defense has created a special PCS status that saves … Continue reading

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36% of Millennials Have Never Owned a Credit Card

36% of Millennials Have Never Owned a Credit Card

Millennials are sometimes viewed as the most irresponsible generation when it comes to finances, but[...]