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“God” Sues Equifax for Glitch in Credit Score

A man by the name of God Gazarov is suing Equifax for displaying that he has no financial history because the credit reporting agency's system will not accept his name--God. Despite the fact that he has a score over 720 with … Continue reading

Prepaid Card for Bitcoins Introduced

Bitcoin enthusiasts may have a new way to get access to their favorite digital currency. A company called Prepaid Bitcoin has developed a new product--a prepaid card for Bitcoins. The new card allows users to pay for Bitcoins in four … Continue reading

PayPal Here Redesigned to Accept Chip-and-PIN Credit Cards in Australia

PayPal Here is a mobile app and bluetooth device which allows small businesses in Australia to accept credit cards on their smartphones. The new model is designed to work with chip and PIN cards. Users will not have to plug … Continue reading

Walmart Sues Visa for $5 Billion over Interchange Fees

Walmart is suing Visa for $5 billion over credit card swipe fees they believe the credit card processor illegally inflated. The complaint was filed with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas. You may remember a similar suit … Continue reading

Global Payments Teams up with MasterPass

The international payment processing provider Global Payments Inc. is now working with MasterPass for digital payments. The company believes that this partnership could take their services to an entirely new level, allowing them to make their way into online sales. "Online … Continue reading

Investigation Continues into Possible Credit Card Breach at California DMV

The California Department of Motor Vehicles continues to investigate a possible debit and credit card breach which may have taken place on online transactions between August 2013 and January 2014. The DMV believes that there may have been security problems … Continue reading

Retailers Feeling Pressure of 2015 Chip and PIN Deadline

October 2015 may seem like a date far off in the future, but it is too close for retailers needing to upgrade their card payment processors. Merchants who fail to complete the transition before the deadline will be held responsible … Continue reading

Chase Bank Accused of Robo-Signing Credit Card Collections

Robo-signing exploded onto the news during the housing crisis when banks were accused of automatically signing default papers without properly reviewing them. Now, the robo-signing controversy is spilling over to another financial product--credit cards. A consumer, Ruth Moya of Miami, … Continue reading

Expiration Dates Dropped on Some Store Credit Cards

Some private-label credit cards, like those issued by Macy's, may be dropping their expiration dates in the coming years. Expiration dates on bank-issued credit cards are used for several reasons. Some issuers take this as an opportunity to review a … Continue reading

American Express Announces Support for Startups at SXSW

American Express announced several new initiatives at the recent South by Southwest Interactive Festival, including a plan to support the country's startup businesses that help all Americans gain access to the mainstream financial system. The company will also sponsor a documentary … Continue reading

How to Get Your Tax Refund Quickly

Some Americans actually look forward to filing their income taxes because they know they will get a refund. No matter how large or small your tax refund may be, it still feels great to get money back. There are some … Continue reading

Sally Beauty Victim of Huge Card Breach

Yet another retailer appears to have fallen victim to a large-scale card hack. This time, it is Sally Beauty Supply stores. According to security expert Brian Krebs, over 280,000 debit and credit cards have been stolen and sold on an underground … Continue reading

Sears Investigating Possible Credit Card Breach

With the help of the Secret Service, Sears is currently sifting through its computer data to look for traces of possible card breaches in their system. This action is heightened by the number of massive credit card hacks over the … Continue reading

MasterCard Working on Credit Card Security Tied to Smartphones

MasterCard is teaming up with mobile technology company Syniverse to provide heightened credit card security through smartphones. The group is working on a program that will only allow credit cards to work when they are in close proximity to the … Continue reading

Build Credit with Your Tax Refund

Tax refund checks will soon be rolling in, and some of them will likely go to "unnecessary" purchases--that new iPad you've been drooling over, or the big party you've been wanting to throw. While there is no shame in spending … Continue reading

Chase Changes Deposit Policies to Combat Money Laundering

Need to make a cash deposit into another person's Chase account? If so, you may have to get a little creative. Beginning in February, Chase put a stop to depositing cash into someone else's account. Now, only the account holder … Continue reading

iPhone Users Gain Access to Isis Mobile Wallet

iPhone users no longer have to miss out on the convenience of the Isis Mobile Wallet, thanks to a new case offered by Verizon Wireless. Isis has long been available on select Android devices, but iPhones lacked the chip necessary to … Continue reading

Consumers Can Mask Credit Card Numbers with New App

A new app on the market known as Do Not Track Me allows cardholders to mask their credit card numbers when paying at the checkout counter. Doing so may effectively limit identity theft by blocking important information about an account. The … Continue reading

Credit Card Thief Tries to Eat the Evidence

A hotel receptionist in Manchester, England was recently convicted of selling his customers' credit card information after a police officer found him trying to eat the evidence. The officer noticed the man and thought he was trying to swallow drugs. … Continue reading

Why the United States Hasn’t Changed Its Credit Card System

With the recent data breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels, many consumers are asking why the United States has been so slow to move away from the magnetic strip credit card. Europe has made great strides to adopt chip … Continue reading

Safari’s Credit Card Storage Speeds Up Online Shopping

Safari users may now be able to check out faster online, thanks to the web browser's credit card storage services. If you use Safari in OS X Mavericks, you could use Apple's Secure Credit Card storage to automatically fill in … Continue reading

American Express Plans New Airport Lounges

American Express plans to open new airport lounges at LaGuardia and San Francisco airports. This is in addition to the Centurion lounges in operation at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. The new lounges may be … Continue reading

PayPal Continues to Go Mobile with StackMob

In an effort to claim an even bigger stake in the mobile payment market, PayPal has purchased the app-development company StackMob. The exact terms of the deal have not been disclosed at this time, but PayPal has confirmed that 18 … Continue reading

Three Common Credit Myths on Joint Accounts

When couples get engaged, they make the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. They immediately face a number of decisions. Where will we live? When will we get married? Should we merge our finances? One of the … Continue reading

MasterCard Profits from Google Wallet

The launch of Google Wallet is benefiting more than just Google. It's putting money onto MasterCard's income statement, too. The Google Wallet is a digital substitute for an actual wallet, storing all your credit, debit and gift cards. It is backed … Continue reading

Credit Card Data Provides Lead for Missing WSJ Reporter

Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird went missing on January 11th after he went out for a walk near his home in New Jersey. Five days later, the first clue of his location emerged when Bird's credit card was used … Continue reading

Special Benefits of a Prepaid Card

Just about anyone can get a prepaid card, but many people believe they are only used as a gift or by people who cannot quality for a credit card. You may not realize some of the special benefits that prepaid … Continue reading

Datacard Group Brings Chip and PIN to America

Chip and PIN technology is used to provide credit card security in European countries. It is one of the main reasons identity theft is much lower than it is in America where the magnetic strip is used on credit cards. … Continue reading

Psychometric Test Brings Credit Scores to Undeveloped Countries

In America, a credit score assesses a person's ability to pay back a loan. We have numerous factors and databases that go into making this score, but other countries aren't as fortunate. As a result, a new test has emerged … Continue reading

MasterCard’s $39 Million Expansion Creates Nearly 400 New Jobs

MasterCard has announced plans to create a new tech lab and expand its campus in Purchase, New York. The total project will cost approximately $39 million and will create almost 400 new jobs in the state. The expansion at the Purchase … Continue reading

PayPal Now Accepts Prepaid Gift Cards for Online Shopping

With its wide range of uses, PayPal is considered one of the most versatile payment platforms for online shopping. But one thing that always bothered some users about this payment processor was that it did not accept prepaid gift cards. … Continue reading

PayPal Competitor BlueSnap Expands Its Reach

BlueSnap is an online payment processor that is seeking to offer a smarter, faster and more secure alternative to PayPal. The company recently expanded from a small office in California to a large building in Waltham, Massachusetts, and plans to grow … Continue reading

Sony Credit Card Hack Follows PS4 Launch

After the successful release of the PlayStation 4, Sony was enjoying a fairly good year in 2013. The celebration quickly turned to an investigation when the company began noticing "irregular activity" on user accounts. This irregular activity has turned into … Continue reading

Bar Patron Charged Idiot Tax for Leaving Credit Card Behind

Most of us have wanted to charge someone else money for doing something stupid in our presence. A bar in Canada made that thought a reality for one of their patrons. When a woman in St. John's, Newfoundland accidentally left … Continue reading

Credit Cards Can Help Build Your Credit Score

If you have a bad credit score or perhaps no credit history, a credit card can be used to boost your credit score. But only if it is used properly and prudently. Here is a guide explaining how to use … Continue reading

Do You Know about Credit Card Price Matching?

Most of us are familiar with Walmart's "low price guarantee," in which Walmart matches the advertised price from another store. All you have to do is prove that the other store is offering a lower price on the exact same … Continue reading

Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, obtaining a traditional credit card can be a major challenge. Most companies are not willing to approve you for an account because they fear that you may not be able to pay back any credit … Continue reading

GE to Spin Off Credit Card Division

In an effort to minimize their financial risks, General Electric is going to create a separately traded company for its credit card division. This new company will be worth an estimated $16 billion, approximately 6% of GE's overall market value. … Continue reading

Credit Card Companies Ban Online Betting

Credit card companies are beginning to block online gambling charges, just as web-based casinos are becoming legal in the United States. Delaware and Nevada currently allow internet gambling in their borders, and officials in New Jersey are discussing the subject. … Continue reading

Iowa Maintains Lowest Credit Card Debt Per Capita

According to a report from TransUnion, Iowa had the lowest credit card debt per capita during the second quarter of 2013. The average debt per borrower in Iowa was $3,885. To put this into perspective, states like Alaska reported per … Continue reading

Bitcoins Security Compromised, $1 Million Lost

Bitcoins took a major blow last week: a $1 million loss. This is a result of a hack on the digital wallet service that many users link to their Bitcoin accounts. Inputs.io is essentially a virtual safe deposit box that … Continue reading

Capital One Targets Transactors with Co-Branded Credit Cards

Capital One is aiming to expand its business by creating more co-branded and private label credit cards. These are cards that offer rewards through another company, like a retail store or airline. Capital One is pushing in this direction because … Continue reading

Credit Bureaus Now Classify Consumers as Transactors or Revolvers

Are you a "transactor" or a "revolver"? That's the question that all three credit bureaus are now asking when they assess credit. TransUnion, Equifax and Experian have all added features to their credit reports that highlight what kind of credit … Continue reading

Walgreens Introduces New Prepaid Card

Pharmacy giant Walgreens is scheduled to launch a new prepaid card by the end of the year. The card, known as the Balance Financial Prepaid MasterCard, will be available in over 8,000 Walgreens and Duane Reade locations before the start … Continue reading

MasterCard Profits Rise While Visa Income Falls

MasterCard's third-quarter profits jumped 14% over second quarter results, while Visa's profits declined 28% during this time. Much of MasterCard's success comes from two factors: its global expansion during the past few years and a worldwide transition from cash to … Continue reading

Medical Credit Card Abuse on the Rise

Medical credit cards are designed to help people pay for procedures they may not be able to afford on their own. These cards give patients a chance to undergo the procedures their insurance may not pay for, as well as … Continue reading

New York Judge Rules Against Credit Card Surcharge Law

U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff ruled in favor of a group of retailers last week who challenged New York's surcharge law. The law subjects retailers to criminal penalties if they assess surcharges to customers who pay by credit card instead of … Continue reading

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