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Lynn Oldshue has written personal finance stories for LowCards.com for twelve years. She majored in public relations at Mississippi State University.

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–May 22, 2015

Debit Card Data Thefts at All Kinds of ATMs Soar Criminals are stealing card data from U.S. automated teller machines at the highest rate in two decades, preying on ATMs while merchants crack down on fraud at the checkout counter. … Continue reading

Trader Joe’s Stores Will Accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Shoppers at popular grocery chain Trader Joe's will soon have the option to pay for their items through their mobile wallets. Several of the store's 400+ locations have been upgraded to accept touchless payments over the last few months, even … Continue reading

Samsung Paid $250 Million to Compete with Apple Pay, Google Wallet

Samsung Electronics acquired the mobile wallet LoopPay in February for an undisclosed amount of money in an effort to compete with Apple Pay and Google Wallet. New reports now provide insight into just how much money Samsung was willing to … Continue reading

Some State Legislatures Tackling Child Identity Theft

Child identity theft is a growing problem that is starting to get addressed by the big three credit bureaus and some state legislatures. According to a recent study, over 10% of children had someone else using their Social Security number. … Continue reading

Visa’s V.me Mobile Wallet Expanding in the UK

Eighteen months after its launch, Visa Europe's V.me digital wallet service is finally gaining the support it needs to expand the program throughout the UK. The program was first established in November, 2013, with the intention of improving online shopping … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–May 8, 2015

Does Credit Card Debt Lead to Depression? Credit cards can carry more than high interest rates--they actually might increase your chances of depression. It's common sense that high levels of debt can stress you out. Now researchers have found a … Continue reading

AmEx Launches Plenti Cross-Branded Rewards Program

American Express is changing the way customers earn rewards points, thanks to the new Plenti rewards program launched this week. Plenti is the first rewards card to offer interchangeable loyalty points across multiple brands, and it may be just what … Continue reading

Oregon Student Debit Card Bill Passes House

A new bill aiming to regulate student debit cards has made its way through the Oregon House and is now headed to the state Senate. HB 2832 is designed to set up federal guidelines for colleges and universities that sign … Continue reading

Digital Insight Brings Apple Touch ID to Mobile Banking

Mobile banking app provider Digital Insight has announced that it will be incorporating Apple Touch ID technology into its applications over the next few months. Users who have an iPhone 5s or newer versions will be able to take advantage … Continue reading

Do Consumers Feel Secure about Mobile Payments?

Americans are almost evenly split on how they feel about the security of mobile payments. According to a new survey from 451 Research, 24% of the respondents feel mobile payments are more secure than traditional payment methods, while 27% believe … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–May 1, 2015

Scott Walker Is Just Like You! In Debt Scott Walker has preached fiscal responsibility from the onset of his political career. But will his credit card debt undermine his message? Scott Walker owes Sears up to $50,000. According to his … Continue reading

Google Creates Fraud-Detection Algorithm for Payments

Google has been working on a new algorithm that flags suspicious payments in an effort to help cut fraud. The algorithm assesses a large payments database to find patterns of suspicious transactions. While it has not found any fraudulent payments … Continue reading

Credit Card Terminals Haven’t Changed Default Passwords Since the 90’s

As America struggles to convert to EMV technology, researchers have discovered a significant hiccup in the security of credit card terminals. A major vendor of payment processors has been using the same default password for their devices since the 1990's. … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–April 24, 2015

House Passes Cybersecurity Bill After Companies Fall Victim to Data Breaches Responding to a series of computer security breaches in government and the private sector, the House passed an expansive measure Wednesday that would push companies to share access to … Continue reading

Universal Credit Card “Coin” Now Being Shipped

The 350,000 buyers who pre-ordered the Coin all-in-one credit cards are finally getting their product. After a longstanding beta test and lengthy delay, Coin is now starting to be shipped. Coin was first introduced in November 2013 as the ultimate de-clutter solution … Continue reading

Capital One Teams with Uber to Bring Big Savings to Riders

If you are an Uber rider, you may want to get a Capital One Quicksilver card. From now through April 2016, Uber riders will receive 20% back as a statement credit when they pay for their ride with a Quicksilver … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–April 17, 2015

Discover Rolls Out Freeze Feature on Credit Cards Discover credit card customers who can't quite put their finger on their plastic now may use a new "Freeze It" feature that acts like an on-off switch to stop new purchases and … Continue reading

National Geographic and First Bankcard Partner on New Credit Card

The National Geographic Society has now entered the credit card industry. One of the world's largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations has forged a partnership with First Bankcard on a new National Geographic Visa Card. The card will appeal to National … Continue reading

MasterCard’s “In Reach” Program Helps Millennials Reach Career and Financial Goals

In an effort to improve the financial literacy of upcoming generations, MasterCard has created the "in reach" program to teach Millennials how to better manage their money and their careers. The information provided in the program is derived from a … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–April 10, 2015

Walmart Exec: New Credit Card Design Won't Solve Fraud There's been some hope that improved credit card technology might finally lead to greater security and a reduction of credit card fraud. One idea has been credit cards with embedded chips, … Continue reading

College Students Face up to $710 a Year in Overdraft Fees

College students are particularly vulnerable to excessive overdraft fees from bank debit cards, according to the latest research from the Center for Responsible Lending. The study showed that nearly four out of ten college students (39%) between the ages of … Continue reading

Bitwage and Xapo Partner for International Payroll Debit Card

Bitcoin payroll service Bitwage has partnered with Xapo to create an international payroll debit card that works with the cybercurrency. The new card is designed to help companies pay overseas employees, similar to what they may do through PayPal or … Continue reading

PayStand’s New Mobile POS Accepts Checks, Cards and Bitcoins

Payment service provider PayStand recently launched a new mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution to allow merchants to process checks, credit cards and Bitcoins. The program ties into the online payment program the company released last year. PayStand works much … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–April 3, 2015

Creditless Can Benefit from New FICO Score People struggling with a bad credit score, or lack of one, could benefit from a program rolling out in the next few months aimed at making it easier to get a Visa or … Continue reading

SmartMetric Wins $3 Million Fee Dispute with MasterCard and Visa

SmartMetric successfully won a legal fee dispute with Visa and MasterCard, which would have cost the company $3 million in fees and court costs. The case dealt with the biometric technology the two credit card giants claimed acted as patent … Continue reading

New Biometric Technology Verifies Identity Through Your Heartbeat

Halifax is testing new biometric technology that would allow customers to verify their identity through their heartbeat. If successful, heartbeat ID verification could eliminate the need for signatures or PINs for credit and debit card transactions, which have proven to … Continue reading

New Card Skimmers Steal Information at the ATM’s Door

Information-stealing credit card skimmers are far from "new" technology, but the latest ones take the skimming process to a new level. Law enforcement officials have discovered skimmers on the outside of enclosed ATM hubs where a person must swipe a … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–March 27, 2015

Google Working on Project to Let You Receive and Pay Bills Directly Inside Gmail Google's mission to organize the world's information is now targeting your physical mailbox. The company is currently working on a project that will allow Gmail users … Continue reading

Prepaid Card Group Asks CFPB to Restructure Broad Card Restrictions

The Network Branded Prepaid Card Association (NBPCA) has asked the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to reconsider its final ruling over new laws that could harm the prepaid card industry. The Association believes the Bureau's broad restrictions on prepaid cards … Continue reading

Discover and AmEx Top Credit Cards in Consumer Satisfaction

According to a recent consumer satisfaction survey of more than 6,600 credit card users, Discover and American Express are the most "satisfying" credit card companies in America. The 2015 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Report from Credio is the first of … Continue reading

Average Credit Card Balance up 6% in December

A report from Equifax indicates a significant increase in credit card debt in America, with the average person racking up a 5.9% higher balance in 2014. In total, Americans accumulated $624.4 billion in credit card debt in 2014, up from $606.75 … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–March 20, 2015

Facebook to Let Messenger Users Send Cash to Friends Facebook is giving the more than 500 million users of its Messenger app the ability to send money to each other, becoming the latest mobile platform to incorporate a payments service. … Continue reading

Free iPhone Upgrades for AmEx Cardholders in India

American Express credit cardholders in India can now upgrade their iPhones by simply redeeming their rewards points at Apple Stores. This is part of the new Pay with Points program that provides real-time opportunities to cash in rewards with more … Continue reading

Square Shuts Down its Food Pre-Order App

Square's attempt at a pre-order food app for consumers appears to be over. The company announced that Square Order will be shut down this Friday, March 20, to focus on other parts of their business. Square Order was designed to … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–March 13, 2015

Why was your Credit Card Number Stolen? Retailers are Lazy If a shop wants to accept credit cards, it needs to abide by strict payment card industry (PCI) rules and pass a test. But a new Verizon cybersecurity report shows … Continue reading

European Parliament Votes to Cap Credit Card Processing Fees

On Tuesday, the European Parliament voted in favor of a new bill that caps the processing fees retailers pay on debit and credit card transactions. The bill received overwhelming support, passing with 621 votes for and only 26 against. The … Continue reading

Bill Proposed to Restructure and Rename the CFPB

Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer from Texas has proposed a new bill that will restructure and rename the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. While other bills of this nature have failed to pass Congress, this proposal seems condensed enough to stand a … Continue reading

Oink Card Lets Kids Shop Online But Parents Control Spending

A new debit card known as Oink gives children the ability to make purchases online and at their favorite stores. Parents maintain control of the way money is spent on the card, so this may be a way for children … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–March 6, 2015

Retailers Face $8.65 Billion Bill for New Generation of Credit Cards New technology about to be deployed by credit card companies will require U.S. consumers to carry a new kind of card and retailers across the nation to upgrade payment … Continue reading

American Express Offers $100 Reimbursement for Merchants Upgrading to EMV Terminals

To help merchants make the switch to EMV terminals before the October 2015 deadline, American Express has launched a Small Merchant EMV Assistance Program that offers a $100 reimbursement for retailers that upgrade their payment terminals. The company has put … Continue reading

Cost of Target Data Breach Hits $162 Million

The Target data breach of 2013 was the first in a line of significant security hacks retailers have experienced during the last year and a half. In their fourth quarter earnings report, Target estimates the breach cost the company $162 … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–February 27, 2015

Google Buys Softcard, Teams Up with Carriers on Mobile Payments Google and the mobile carriers have long been at odds over mobile payments, but faced with the runaway success of Apple Pay, the two rivals have become friends. AT&T, Verizon … Continue reading

Discover Expands Financial Literacy Program

In an effort to improve financial literacy in America, Discover founded the Pathway to Financial Success grant program three years ago to give schools some funds needed to teach students about money management. The company hopes to expand the reach … Continue reading

Prism Bill Pay App Raises $2 Million

Mobile bill pay app Prism has now raised $2 million to expand its services and add new features. This three-year-old startup alerts users when a payment is due, and checks to see if your bank account has adequate funds to cover … Continue reading

Mobile Payments Account for 21% of Fraudulent Transactions

Mobile payments make up 21% of fraudulent transactions in the United States, even though they only represent 14% of the market. According to the 2014 LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud Study, the report shows mobile payments are putting mCommerce merchants … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–February 20, 2015

In Challenge to Apple Pay, Samsung Buys Mobile Payment Company Samsung is buying mobile-payment startup LoopPay as the Korean phone maker steps up to challenge Apple and its payment system on iPhones. The deal strengthens speculation that Samsung Electronics plans … Continue reading

Password-Free Mobile Banking Now Possible with EyePrint ID

Consumers are very concerned about security when it comes to mobile banking, and a new technology allowing users to log into their accounts with just their eyes could lessen those concerns. Mobile banking firm Digital Insight has partnered with EyeVerify … Continue reading

LowCards.com Weekly Credit Card Update–February 13, 2015

Why Some People Still Have Hidden Bank or Credit Card Accounts More than 7 million Americans, including 4.4 million men and 2.8 million women have hidden a bank or credit card account from their live-in spouse or partner, according to … Continue reading

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