Valentine’s Day Tips for Merging Finances

Financial planning may not be as romantic as flowers and a fancy dinner on Valentine's Day, but it could bring more peace and happiness into your relationship. Money is the leading cause of stress and arguments in marriage, so having a financial plan … Continue reading

Amazon Sending Square Card Readers to Local Register Users

As of February 1, Amazon no longer provides support for its mobile payment processor, Local Register. New reports from Re/code show Amazon is sending free Square card readers to former Local Register users, so they still have a way to … Continue reading

Costco Delays Credit Card Switch until Summer

Costco's transition from American Express to Citigroup has been pushed back a few months. The deal, which ends the 16-year relationship between Costco and AmEx, was scheduled to go into effect April 1st, but Costco says it may not be … Continue reading

Americans Unhappy with Credit Scores but Aim to Improve Them

Chase Bank's recent Chase Slate 2016 Credit Outlook found that 32% of Americans are unhappy about their credit score, and 28% believe their score will prevent them from reaching their goals. Other key findings include: Many are resolved to improve Most respondents … Continue reading

Consumers Aware of Data Security Risks but Do Little for Protection

Consumers are well aware of data security risks in the modern world, but they show no signs of changing the way they use technology. A staggering 83% of consumers reported that technology has enhanced their daily lives, and 30% of … Continue reading

Facebook Shows How Millennials Dislike Debt, Avoid Credit Cards

A new study from Facebook IQ shows just how much Millennials despise debt. The assessment revealed that 43% of Millennials say paying down debt is their top financial priority, while 38% of Millennials say the same about saving for the … Continue reading

Discover’s New Secured Card Helps Build or Rebuild Credit

Yesterday, Discover launched its Discover it Secured Credit Card aimed at consumers who want to build or rebuild their credit. The card, which has no annual fee, comes with the same benefits as the Discover it Card, including cashback rewards and free … Continue reading

Mobile Banking Can Increase Banks’ Revenue, Lower Attrition

Banks and credit unions that adopt mobile banking can expect lower customer attrition and increased product holdings, transactions and revenue, according to a recent study by Fiserv, Inc. The study evaluated the data of more than 67,000 mobile banking users … Continue reading

American Express Offers New Credit Card for Small Businesses

This week American Express OPEN launched its SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card, which has no annual fee and the opportunity to earn cash back on business expenses. The new credit card also allows members to spend beyond their credit limit … Continue reading

Holidays Saw Big Increase in eCommerce and Fraud Attempts

The 2015 holiday shopping season saw a huge increase in eCommerce transactions, but also a concerning jump in fraud attempts, according to a recent report from ACI Worldwide. In 2014, 1 out of every 72 online transactions was a fraudulent attempt. … Continue reading

New EMV Mobile Card Reader Available for Small Businesses

First Data has announced the release of Clover Go, an EMV-enabled card reader that can plug into any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone. It can process data via WiFi or a cellular connection, which allows business owners to process transactions outside … Continue reading

Consumers Stressed by Holiday Debt

Each year, many Americans rack up additional credit card debt over the holidays. A new survey by Experian shows that 60% of Americans admit holiday shopping puts a strain on their finances, and 52% are stressed about finances during the holidays. … Continue reading

Coin Production Costs May Help Push U.S. to Cashless Society

It now costs more money to make a penny and a nickel than the coins are actually worth, according to a new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Since 2006, the U.S. Mint has been losing money producing pennies … Continue reading

Wells Fargo Introduces New American Express Card

Today, Wells Fargo added a new credit card to its portfolio. The Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card joins two other American Express Propel cards: the Propel 365 Card and Propel World Card. The new card comes with an introductory offer of 0% APR … Continue reading

Dramatic Surge in Digital Gift Cards

Americans now want to purchase and use gift cards digitally. An InComm survey shows that 89% of consumers have purchased two or more gift cards online or via their mobile device, and 96% of consumers are interested in storing digital gift … Continue reading

CardLinx Adds New Members, Including Samsung Card

Today, CardLinx announced it has added a number of new companies to its system, including Samsung Card, General Mills, Under Armour, Go Daddy and FIS. The non-profit company works to create common standards for card-linked offers and loyalty programs. The card-linked system … Continue reading

Samsung Pay to Offer Online Payments in 2016

Samsung Pay is significantly expanding this year, allowing users to pay for products online, not just in stores. The new online payments option will give consumers a chance to purchase products and services directly from their mobile devices, in addition … Continue reading

MasterCard and Coin Partner to Increase Wearable Payments

Today, MasterCard announced it was partnering with Coin to make MasterCard payments possible on fitness bands, smart watches and other wearable devices. In October, MasterCard introduced its Commerce for Every Device program, which enables consumers to use any gadget, accessory or … Continue reading

191 Million Registered Voters’ Information Leaked Online

Just before the new year, the personal information of 191 million voters was leaked on the Internet. The breach was due to a technical error, which allowed the data to be accessed by the public. Chris Vickery, a Texas-based security researcher, alerted … Continue reading

Fidelity Drops American Express, Switches to Visa

Fidelity has ended its 12-year credit card partnership with American Express and Bank of America, and will now offer Visa-branded cards through U.S. Bank. The company said it made the switch because it believes its Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature card will … Continue reading

AmEx Reinstates Policy That Prohibits Merchant Steering

American Express has officially reinstated its longstanding policy preventing merchants from steering customers to cheaper payment options. The credit card giant chose to do this after a federal appeals court lifted the ban that forced the company to suspend the … Continue reading

PayPal One Touch Reports Strong Growth

The latest reports from PayPal indicate a strong growth for the company's innovative One Touch payment system. Approximately 10 million users have activated One Touch on their phones in the last six months, and over one million merchants worldwide now … Continue reading

Database Leak Exposes Info of 3.3 Million Hello Kitty Fans

The database for, the official online community for Hello Kitty, leaked the data of 3.3 million Hello Kitty fan accounts, according to online researcher Chris Vicery. Vickery contacted Salted Hash and about the leak on Saturday, one day … Continue reading

Amazon Employees Strike in Germany; Disrupt Holiday Deliveries

Within the last week, workers at six of Amazon's nine warehouses in Germany launched a strike over low pay and poor work conditions. While this primarily impacts Amazon shipments in the European market, some industry experts believe it could spark … Continue reading

How the Fed’s Rate Hike Affects Your Credit Card

It's been so long since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, many people have forgotten that their credit card interest rate is probably tied to the prime rate. Nearly every credit card now has a variable interest rate. That means … Continue reading

Well-Trained Teachers Improve Financial Literacy for Students

High school students show much stronger financial literacy skills when they are taught by properly-trained instructors, according to a new report from Champlain College. Teachers who had completed graduate-level courses on how to teach personal finance to teenagers had students … Continue reading

Data Breaches Threaten Customer Loyalty

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers said they would be unlikely to do business with a company that had experienced a breach where financial information was stolen, according to a global survey by Gemalto. 49% would no longer use a company … Continue reading

Send Money Via Text Message with Google Wallet

Google may have diverted some of its attention from Google Wallet to the recently launched Android Pay mobile wallet, but that doesn't mean that Google Wallet is on its last breath. Last Thursday, Google announced they will soon add a … Continue reading

Walmart Introduces Walmart Pay

Today, Walmart became the only retailer to offer its own mobile payment system, Walmart Pay. The app will allow customers to use their Apple or Android phones to checkout at any lane in the store. Customers can link any major credit, … Continue reading

CFPB: Consumers Saved $16 Billion in Fees from CARD Act

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a report assessing how the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (CARD Act) has affected credit card fees in America. According to the CFPB's estimates, consumers have saved up to $16 billion in … Continue reading

Mobile Shopping Revenue Soars Over Thanksgiving Weekend

According to the 2015 Mobile Holiday Shopping Report from Moovweb, mobile shopping increased tremendously over Thanksgiving weekend. Black Friday mobile revenues were up 95% over year-ago levels, and transactions on smartphones accounted for 36% more of the total revenue for … Continue reading

Global Cyberconflicts and Hacktivism to Increase in 2016

In the year ahead, security experts expect to see global cyberconflicts, hacktivism and disruptions during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to Experian's third annual Data Breach Industry Forecast. Experian's Data Breach Resolution division handled more than 3,000 breaches in 2015 and interviewed leading … Continue reading

Reducing Credit Card Debt in 2016

Christmas shopping will soon reach a frenzied pace, and millions of consumers will buy things they probably cannot afford. Many of us will enter January with credit card debt. Issuers are adding to the dilemma. Mailboxes have been filled with … Continue reading

Reports Show Black Friday Shopping Moved to the Internet

Consumers were more inclined to shop online for Black Friday deals this year than they were to head to the store, according to a new report from the National Retail Federation. In fact, the entire Thanksgiving weekend was dominated by … Continue reading

10 Credit Card Tips to Better Manage Holiday Spending

We are approaching one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. Nearly 136 million people plan to shop over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend according to the National Retail Federation. Consumers are projected to spend an average of $805 during … Continue reading

80% of U.S. Consumers Concerned About Online Crime

Four out of every five consumers in the United States are worried they will be the victim of an online crime, according to a Symantec report released today. The Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report found 62% of consumers believe it is likely … Continue reading

Starwood Hotels Victim of Payment System Data Breach

Just days after Marriott Hotels announced its acquisition of Starwood Hotels, Starwood has reported a potential credit card breach at some of its North American locations. The dates for the breach vary by location, but they range from November 2014 … Continue reading

Consumers are Treating Themselves with eGift Cards

eGift card purchases are growing, but people are buying them for themselves, not to give as presents, according to a survey conducted by Blackhawk Network. Plastic gift cards remain popular. Nearly all of the respondents in the survey (86%) purchased … Continue reading

Businesses Investing Much More in Mobile App Development

Nine out of ten large private companies plan to increase their investment in mobile application development in the next year, according to a survey from Red Hat. These companies will increase their expenditures on mobile apps by an average of … Continue reading

Online Retail Fraud Attempts Jumped 30% in Past Year

As consumers and retailers prepare for the holidays, both groups need to be vigilant against fraud. A new study found that online retail fraud attempts have increased by 30% in the past year. In transactions where cards are not present (CNP), 1 out … Continue reading

Slow EMV Readers May Spur Mobile Payment Usage

Adoption of EMV card readers has been slow. In September, only 22% of small retailers were ready for the October 2015 transition deadline. As more and more businesses switch to the microchip reader, though, they may be making credit cards … Continue reading

Why Do I Get So Many Credit Card Offers In The Mail & How Can I Stop Them?

If you have good or excellent credit, you may have credit card offer letters flooding your mailbox. Typically, these promotions offer low interest rates and attractive balance transfer offers. Credit card companies send these tempting prescreened, or pre-approved, offers to consumers who … Continue reading

Consumers to be More Frugal This Holiday Season

Nearly one-third (32%) of consumers are planning on spending less on holiday celebrations in 2015 than they did a year ago, according to an IRI MarketPulse survey. Last year, consumers spent nearly $13 billion in the four-week period after Thanksgiving. … Continue reading

Bank Branches Still in Demand Despite Mobile Banking Growth

The increased use of mobile banking apps isn't stopping people from visiting their local branches, according to a new survey from OnePoint Global. The study assessed how mobile banking customers from the United States and United Kingdom interact with their … Continue reading

Despite Insurance, Companies Still at Risk for Financial Consequences of a Data Breach

A recent study shows that even though many companies have purchased insurance to protect themselves from the financial consequences of a data breach, gaps remain that must be closed. The study, commissioned by Wells Fargo Insurance's Technology, Privacy and Network … Continue reading

By 2030, Most Transactions Will Be Cashless

Over half (56%) the experts surveyed in the payments and financial services industry think the United States will be a cashless society by 2030. A Capital One survey of 151 leaders in these sectors also showed the majority (52%) feel … Continue reading

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