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LowCards.com has been serving as a consumer resource for credit cards since July, 2000. It has been used by over one million people and mentioned by over 500 newspapers and magazines including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Kiplinger, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

LowCards.com simplifies the confusion of shopping for credit cards. We constantly analyze over 1000 different credit cards and write objective opinions for consumers. Due to this objectivity, LowCards.com has been rated as one of the best credit card comparison sites in the nation.
Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or comments. Our personal finance writers are listed below and would welcome any comments you have for them.

John H. Oldshue, LowCards Founder & Editor
John Oldshue is the creator of LowCards.com. He worked for over 15 years in television and won an Emmy award for his reporting. He covers credit card rate issues for LowCards.com.  John can be contacted at john@lowcards.com
Bill Hardekopf, LowCards CEO
Bill Hardekopf is the CEO of LowCards.com and has been involved in finance for over 15 years, with frequent contributions to Forbes, The Street and The Christian Science Monitor. Bill can be contacted at billh@lowcards.com
Lynn Oldshue, LowCards Senior Contributor
Lynn Oldshue is a PR professional who has worked with the Birmingham Zoo, Coca - Cola , the Alabama Theatre, and the Saenger Theatre. She has covered personal finance issues for 10 years. Lynn can be contacted at lynn@lowcards.com
Sarah Hefner, LowCards Contributor
Sarah Hefner has written for several publications and served as an editor to various writers. She graduated from  Auburn University with a Bachelor degree in Public Relations. Sarah can be contacted at sarah@lowcards.com
Natalie Rutledge, LowCards Contributor
Natalie Rutledge majored in Communications at Mississippi State University. She was in sales for a number of businesses and spent nine years working as a communications advisor. Natalie can be contacted at natalie@lowcards.com
Justin Hefner, LowCards Contributor
Justin Hefner is in the education field and has written about a number of financial issues. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Texas Tech University and a Masters in Education from Texas State. Justin can be contacted at justin@lowcards.com

LowCards.com is owned by Hampton & Associates, Inc. and is located in Birmingham, Alabama. Our mailing address and main office is located at:

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